Interview with Umang Jain

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Umang Jain started out as a child actor in serials like Justajoo, Karishma Karishma, Gharwali Uparwali and Sunaina. She has worked with the likes of Anurag Kashyap, Pradeep Sarkar, Prasoon Pandey and Shoojit Sircar. After thundering ad world Umang debuted on silver screen with LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI produced by Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan. GLAMGOLD met the bubbly gal to know her experience doing the film. Her latest movie is in Malayalam “Aaru Sundarimarude Katha”.
FC  :  Tell us about your background.
Umang Jain  :  I have the Almighty to thank for having blessed me with a fortunate family where I was born with a golden spoon and treated like a princess. However, initially it was difficult to convince them for allowing me to act and I don’t blame them for overlooking the pleadings of a 10 year old but I bargained with good marks on my report card and did my first show when I was 10, so yes I was a child artist who later on made my shift to commercial modeling which I pursued for almost five years and now I’m back to acting.
Interview with Umang Jain
FC  :  You always wanted to become an actor?
Umang Jain  :  Trying my best to not sound cliché, (hahha) yes I’ve always wanted to become an actor.
FC  :  How did your career start?
Umang Jain  :  It began when television shows were still a weekly and not a daily affair and that’s where I cracked my first show called JUSTAJOO on Zee Television which ran for almost a year and a half.
Interview with Umang Jain
FC  :  Tell us about the moment when you faced the camera first time?
Umang Jain  :  Strangely, I was not nervous (smiles) and enjoyed my experience may be because I was breathing my dream so it felt surreal and nice.
FC  :  How did you get LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI?
Umang Jain  :  Mr. Sahil Sangha (director) had seen a few of my commercials on air where he found me suiting a part in the film and that’s when we met and he told me about the character where I was skeptical of attempting because I was only aiming at leads but when he told me that the film was about nine characters and not a hero-heroine. I decided to give it a try and completed my two round of auditions one with him and the other one with Sandhya Mridul who happens to the Casting director on board for LBZ.
Interview with Umang Jain
FC  :  Tell us about your character.
Umang Jain  :  The character is called Ritu who’s only turbulence in life is her innumerable break-ups. She’s unable to sustain any of her relationships yet she’s not dramatic about the facts of her life and is fun-loving and quirky by nature. She’s extremely vulnerable and is a stage of life where her self-esteem is at the lowest and that’s where Jai and Naina come in to her rescue which is an indicative journey.
FC  :  What is LBZ is all about?
Umang Jain  :  LBZ is a movie about different arenas of relationships. It’s a light-hearted romantic comedy which is an assemblage of fresh nostalgic moments that all of us have shared in our lives and as the tag line suggests, it is one of your stories. It’s a slice of life film which is going to leave you with smile and pleasant goodness in heart. It’s a film straight from the heart to the heart.
FC  :  What is the similarity or difference between Umang and Ritu?
Umang Jain  :  The character’s inference was drawn from a real life person where being fun-loving and quirky also came very naturally to me and that became our connecting link.
FC  :  How was your experience working with debutant director Sahil?
Umang Jain  :  Sahil is a man who is sure of his actions but is not over-confident and that reflects where he considers your opinion or grants you an explanation if you are unsure of happenings. He’s composed and calm which allows him to focus his execution as desired. As an actor it’s a boon if you have a director who exactly knows what his final output looks like because then his briefings are precise and not impede
FC  :  How was your experience working with producer cum lead pair of the film Dia and Zayed?
Umang Jain  :  It was a sheer delight working with them and even so because being actors’ they’ve been in our footsteps and little niceties were automatically taken care off. They were extremely warm and welcoming so you didn’t have to struggle your space with veterans.
FC  :  Share some memorable moments during the shoot.
Umang Jain  :  My most memorable moments were with Lucky-the pup in the film because I’m scared when it comes to dogs cause of a traumatic childhood memory, so when I was first addressed that I would be holding the dog, I thought it was a prank but when I came on the sets and saw the pup, it was such a funny moment for others just to see me deal with it.
FC  :  Your Cadbury ad was huge hit, very popular…
Umang Jain  :  Yaa the ad response was massive so much so that three Facebook fan pages were instantly dedicated to me. Cadbury ad was shot in Puducherry by Vinil Matthews. The two-day-long ad shoot had one side effect. I couldn’t look at chocolate for the next four months.
FC  :  What difference you feel between small and big screen?
Umang Jain  :  Both play its own charm and are difficult to be compared but I think the detailing with ads is a lot more precise because your investing approximately 15-20 days on a 30 second ad including pre-post production whereas in films you are looking at the bigger picture in terms of concept and set-ups. The story telling is layered and that’s what makes films complicated in terms of execution. The elements, dynamics and dimensions comprising of a film are vaster in comparison to ads.
FC  :  What is your next move?
Umang Jain  :  I’m intending to work on more films and living up to my name literally (umang-excitement). However, I’m graceful to what the ad world has to offer me.

FC  :   Latest Projects..?
Umang Jain  :  Right now i am happy with my new Malayalam movie “Aaru Sundarimarude katha". It is the story of six women whose destinies affect each other as they bond together for their respective families in the face of adversities which includes the murder of one among these. In that i done the role of Nadiya mam’s daughter. Happy with the responses about that movie.
FC  :   Thank you for share experiences and thoughts with us.
Umang Jain  :   fThank you for all viewers and fans of mine. I am expecting much more support from you in future,..Thank you...

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