Malayalam Movie English - Movie Review

Several movies have been made on the story of an expatriate and such movies often deal with nostalgia about the homeland. Director Shyamaprasad's latest Malayalam movie English is one such attempt which deals with the lives of a few Malayalis settled in London. But the film is different from other attempts as the director has steered away from the oft-discussed emotion nostalgia, rather he focuses on the dynamics of the lives of the expatriates. Written by Ajayan Venugopal, English is a family drama with slight tinges of black humour and satire. Lead actors' performances are the main attraction in it. Ajayan's interesting story, Shyamaprasad's gripping narration, Rex Vijayan's music, Udayan Ambady's cinematography and a few humours moments are the other highlights of the film. English revolves around four individuals from diverse backgrounds and their families, who live in London. Films against a foreign backdrop usually focus more on the glamour quotient of the place, but moving away from this trend, the director throws light on the psychology of the lead characters. He tries to show how they react when they are put in different condition. Shankardas (Jayasurya) is a Kathakali artist who reaches London due to certain circumstances. He wishes to return to his native place, but has to face difficulties as he cannot return. Nikhil (Nivin Pauly) is an IT professional in London who enjoys his London life to its maximum. He is born and brought up in Gulf. Gauri (Remya Nambeesan) lives with her husband in London. Joy (Mukesh), who runs a corner store in London, lives with his wife Saly (Sona Nair), children, his mother and brother. Another family is that of Dr Ram (Murali Menon) and his wife Saraswati (Nadiya Moidu). Saraswati belongs to a traditional Brahmin family who finds very difficult to adjust to the life in London. All lead actors like Mukesh, Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Nadia Moidu and Remya Nambeesan have done a good job. Jayasurya has etched out his character wonderfully. As the corner store owner, Mukesh is sure to win the viewers' heart. Others' performances are also big assets to the movie English. English has rich production values and Rex Vijayan's music is major highlight in the technical front. His music has a multi-cultural flavour. His unique mixing of fusion adds to its charm and it takes you to the world of music that is unheard of. Udayan Ambady's picturisation is another big strength of the movie. Overall, Shyamaprasad has made a wonderful experiment through the movie English, which will definitely impress the film goers. 
English - Movie Review
Director: Shyamaprasad Cast: Jayasurya, Mukesh, Nivin Pauly, Nadia Moidu, Remya Nambeesan Music: Rex Vijayan Cinematography: Udayan Ambady Release date: May 24, 2013

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