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In Nadodimannan, Padmanabhan (Dileep) plays a village youth who does not have a particular inclination towards any political party and joins any protest being held. He earns a living by participating in demonstrations for various political parties. He then reaches the city where he is strung to the upper levels of society and gets elected as the Mayor. His conflicts and attempts to cleanse the city form the rest of the story. Ananya plays the character of Meera, who lives in difficult surroundings, but is bold. Archana Kavi plays Aathira, a member of a former royal family, Mythili stars as Rima, a broadcast journalist Padmanabhan befriends during his activist days, who helps him bring to light certain crucial issues before the public. Bollywood actor Sayaji Shinde plays the local king pin who is at odds with Padmanabhan.
Dileep as Padmanabhan
Ananya as Meera
Mythili as Rima
Archana Kavi as Aathira
Sayaji Shinde
Sreelatha Namboothiri

'Nadodimannan' tells the story of how a common man, one day becomes the mayor of capital city & the troubles he face, for doing good to the people.

Padmanabhan, a village youth who earns his living by supplying 'people' to public meetings, mass gatherings etc. At one such occasion he gets stuck up in Trivandrum city and gets involved with the local king  Purushothaman which changes his life for ever. In an unexpected series of events, he gets elected the Mayor of the city. The rest of the film deals with how Padmanabhan cleans up the city.

The film was promoted as Dileep's mass-comedy entertainer delivers its promise in the first half.
But over second half we feels that we are waiting “Runway or Lion”. But somehow its more lagging second part ends with no confusion. There is lots of repetition as like previous movie “Sringaravelan”.

Dileep has done a good job, his character in the beginning showed promise which couldn't be kept in the later half. Siyaji Shinde has made a good Mollywood debut as villain, major thanks to the dubbing artist. Out of the female leads Ananya gets more scenes, in 99% of which she has to do the same thing - shout or doubt. 
Dileep may regrets to select this script.
Dileep’s mass acting
Suraj and Anannya never disappoints us
Sivaji Shinde’s Mollywood debut in negative role gets superb.
Cinematography and Arts department done there works nice
Scripts not able to create anything new.
Comedy Scenes are repetition from previous movies.

Verdit : Below average,

Rating : 2/5

RELEASED ON : October 18, 2013