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The movie which marks the comeback of Suresh Gopi into the industry, is postponed once again. The movie which was earlier slated for an October 18 release and shifted that to October 25, will now it is confirmed that it be releasing on November 14.
Apart from Suresh Gopi, Jayaram and Mia George play pivotal roles in this movie.Salaam Kashmir is directed by Joshiy. The movie is completely shot in Kashmir, a favourite location of the director.
Salaam Kashmir is getting postponed for the third time. The movie was slated to release on Oct 8, but the director announced that the movie will be getting released on October 11 as the technical works of the film has not been completed. Later it was scheduled for October 18 and again shifted to Oct 25 and now the movie has again got postponed to 14th Nov.
Salaam Kashmir has an intriguing storyline, revolves around two men - Sreekumar and Tomy. Jayaram plays Sreekumar, a character who does all the domestic work expected from a wife in normal course.

He is a perfect homemaker who does all the routine chores including taking care of the kid. He stays at home while his wife goes out to work. Into this peaceful world enters Tomy Eppan Devassy (Suresh Gopi) disrupting the domestic bliss and bringing out an unexpected twist.

With his arrival everything goes haywire in Sreekumar’s life and he reaches a position where he can no longer be with his family. The film unravels the mysterious past of both the characters finding the cause behind their unusual demeanor.
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Director : Joshi
Producer : Maha Subair
Story : Shaiju Anthikkad
Script : Sethu
Lyrics : Rafeek Ahammed
Music : M .Jayachndran
Banner : Varnachithra Big Screen .
RELEASING DATE : Nov 14 , 2013

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