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‘Nadan’ at part is a realistic approach towards the deteriorating situation of once thrived art form – Drama. On other hand, we could smell some rotten elements that come as disturbing elements and to an extent not getting out of the clinched formulas.

                                                Movie starts off with Ochira Pappukkutti Ashan building up a different drama enjoying culture in Kerala in the pre – independence era. Soon after we see KPAC Bharathan (Hareesh Peradi) spreading the communist values through dramas amidst a callous environment of Kerala politics. He later continued his works through the drama troupe ‘Sargavedi’ formed by him. Then the baton got transferred to Devadas (Jayaram), Bharathan’s son. A highly talented artist, under the guidance of Devadas the troupe gained tremendous momentum and become extremely busy. But, we see him of being captured by the frailties associated with human nature after forming a relationship with a fellow new comer artist Jyothi (Remya Nambeesan), even though leads a happy marital relationship with Sudharma (Sajitha Madathil) and two kids.

                                                                It is the narration of incidents occurred later in his life that is dealt in ‘Nadan’. Here we could see him as a middle aged man, who still longs for making his drama troupe on the right track. Even after making reunion with G. Krishnakumar (Joy Mathew), who currently holds a significant position in the industry as a lyricist, Devadas faces struggles to recoup everything. Well, does his life end up just as that of another tragic hero can be seen through the movie itself.

                                                                ‘Nadan’ obviously is not dealing the way of a period movie. On the other hand, we have plenty of actions taking place in the current time that mainly concentrates on the way Devadas builds up his later life along with his most beloved drama troupe. As we could see, Devadas is extremely affectionate about the drama troupe and the culture of watching drama. He criticizes the way current generation treat drama and attitude of people towards drama. But, it was just reverse of what he had done in the past by decelerating the growth of his career as well as the troupe through malignant acts. And yes, human beings are designed to have their own weaknesses. As it is through the perspective of Devadas, which the movie moves, we could see the wisdom as well as follies of him. Director was quite successful in drawing the character of Devadas. Also, we are shown the growth of the medium in the state with much perfection by Kamal. However in making us deeply attached with that of the feelings of the character’s longing for drama, we should have to tell that ‘Nadan’ performed below averagely.

                                                                 And it is this emotional quotient that is mostly needed for movies belonging to this kind genre. And taking this aspect into consideration, ‘Nadan’ hasn’t reached the levels of the same director’s last venture ‘Celluloid’. Being a movie dealing with drama, the dramatic elements were there aplenty in the movie, but those have never crossed the limits in order to test the patience of audience. This was evident during those sessions, when the leading protagonist suffers from mental shock and there were enough chances to make the audience pay attention over him by forgetting the central theme. And yes, it is here where the experience of director intervened to the scene and saved the movie from a debacle.
                                                                                Well, even though Kamal tried to make yet another fervent ‘Celluloid’ through ‘Nadan’, the lack of content in the script pulled it back. The script, in fact didn’t try to venture to something much more and just dealt the story in a much simpler way. But, the amount of concentration put on by the department in the detailed narration deserves applause. Adding to these are the superb piece of performance by the whole cast lead by Jayaram. He managed to impress the audience with right timings and during the emotional scenes, he did a commendable job. Albeit could have been yet another over the top performance from the actor, he just did a cake walk as Devadas. And the long list of cast including that of Joy Mathew’s Krishnakumar, or that of KPAC Lalitha’s Radhamani, or even Sajitha Madathil’s Sudharma, they were all convincing enough to make the best out from the movie. Remya Nambeesan, Hareesh Peradi, Sunil Suagatha, Sasi Kallinga, Malavika too made their parts good on the screen.
Nadan movie review

                                Well technically too the movie did not try to shy away from providing the right mood to the environment. Be it the cinematographic department or the art direction, everything were pitch perfect for ‘Nadan’. As you could sum up, it was just the lack of a better script that forced ‘Nadan’ to perform below averagely. Otherwise, it could have been a different experience.
Verdict : Worth Watchable for Movie Lovers
Rating: 7.5 / 10