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The brand of movies from Vyshakh have a big fan following and they are a money spinners at the box office. But at the same time, the logic less masala films have a section not so supportive of his genre of movies. Be it Pokkiriraja, Seniors, Mallu Singh or Sound Thoma, they all did good business but received negative comments from a section of the people, something that I will relate to the Rohit Shetty style of movies in Bollywood.
Vishudhan, the latest movie from Vyshakh follow a different pattern and takes a U turn from his earlier flicks. Instead of the usual masala film that offered comedy and action in high doses, Vishudhan narrate a more serious subject with less or no comedy at all. Humour and action takes a backseat and the director focus his attention on a subject that is watchable as well as entertaining but the entertainment that is offered is different from what we usually see in his last four films. 
Vishudhan movie review

Father Sunny (Kunchacko Boban) has arrived to a church as the new Priest, where Sister Sophie (Mia) serves. For father Sunny, who has turned 30, it was just the beginning of priesthood and he received a warm welcome from the place. Valiyaveettil Vaavachan (Hareesh Peradi), who runs a Medical College and arguably the richest person there befriended with Sunny. Valiyaveettil Vaavachan’s son (Krishna Kumar) has the authority over the Medical College. Subsequently, we could see some protests starting out in the medical college due to the scarcity of dead bodies for medical students. But, the inhuman activity of Vaavachan to solve the problem was understood by Fr. Sunny through Sister Sophia. Quite naturally, the hostility sparked between them causes Fr. Sunny and Sophie to risk their life. At the same time Anumol (Shalin) who is a member of the choir group and is daughter of Kuzhimattom Jose (Nandu) expels a good piece of interest at studies. With the help of Fr. Sunny, Anumol got a chance to study nursing in Bangalore. But, things didn’t occur as per their wishes and Fr. Sunny’s life takes a nosedive. The rest of the story revolves around Sunny and Sophie who were crucified by the people there.

While concerning with the story side, Vysakh has mainly focussed on the three faces of a person, where we could see God, Devil and obviously human. The script writer has tried to elaborate the story with some social relevance. But at parts, the social relevant subject dealing didn’t come to the desired effect. Well, the real story portrayed takes place among two characters – Fr. Sunny and Sister Sophie. But in a way, we have seen many of the characters and even lookalike incidents in a number of movies. Since the movie has a core story to tell, the audience could feel of being glued to that particular subject only, rather than thinking over unwanted piece of elements, which we have seen in many movies.  Even though there were some prejudices over whether the movie tickles any religious sentiments, there was nothing in particular to create such a mood while watching it.
The first half is definitely good starting from the initial scene going into the flash back while the latter half looses it's focus especially the beginning after post intermission but things are recouped later on. Few cliched moments do occur post intermission and we may get a feel of an ordinary revenge drama in the end but still I feel this is not a bad movie and is definitely a one time watchable movie if you are ok with a drama that offer nothing much to laugh. The character of Father Sunny had different shades and transformation happen on quite a few occasions. Kunchacko Boban has risen to that challenge and delivered a flawless performance. Mia George as Sofi was also impressive well supported by Hareesh Peradi as Vavachan. But i felt he had that hangover from the character he portrayed in Left Right Left especially the way the dialogues were delivered. Nandu was another actor who did a great job and this for me is his best one along with the role in Spirit. Suraj had only a very brief role and he was literally wasted. Krishnakumar, Vinod Kovoor and Sasikumar form rest of the supporting casts.
On the technical side, camera work was good along with excellent background score by Gopisundar. Two songs are there in the film and the one of them (Oru Mezhuguthiriyuday) is a soft melodius number worth hearing a second time.
Overall, Vishudhan is a pretty watchable flick good for a one time viewing but keep in mind that this is not the regular masala flick you see from the director. So less importance for action, comedy and humor.

RATING   :   6.5/10