Way Back 2013- Malayalam Movies Released in 2013

Title Director Cast StoryLine Rating Box Office
Annayum Rasoolum Rajeev Ravi Fahadh Faasil, Andrea Jeremiah Romantic love story, 
With the different and 
extra ordinary performance
 of Andria and Fahad make
 a good impact and it 
become first hit of the year 2013.Released on Jan-4.
Nee Ko Njaa Cha Gireesh Sunny Wayne, Parvathy Nair Its a new comer's comedy
 thriller. It try to revealing 
different faces of love,But 
fail to success in box
 office.Released on Jan-4.
Below Avg
Ente Rajesh Touchriver Siddique, Anjali Patil, Lakshmi Menon Ente explores the 
consequences of sex 
trafficking, testing the 
vulnerability of trust in
 human relations.Ente is 
a gritty gruelling story
 that will stay with you 
and make you feel extremely uncomfortable about the
 society of which you are
 a part of. Cinema has 
always been a medium
 for a momentary escape
 from reality, but Ente is
 not some fictitious piece
 of work that you will 
forget after sometime. 
It collects several awards.
Released on Jan-4.
Below Average
Entry Rajesh Amanakara Baburaj, Ranjini Haridas, Bhagath Manuel, Sija Rose Its an action drama movie.
 Its become famous because 
of the introduction of 
Renjini Haridas to big 
screen.It fails to satisfy viewers.Released on Jan-4.
Below Avg
Lisammayude Veedu Babu Janardhanan Meera Jasmine, Rahul Madhav, Salim Kumar It is the second part of 
critically acclaimed movie 'Achanurangaatha Veedu'. 
It this movie, revealing
 the situations faced by 
a rape victim after her 
marriage. And how the 
society treating with them.
Released on Jan-4.
My Fan Ramu Nikhil K. Menon Saiju Kurup, Rajeev Pillai Its a dramatic movie which
 screening an actor and 
his fans relations. It fails
 in box office.Released on
Below Avg
Isaac Newton S/O Philipose V Bosse Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Abhinaya, Tini Tom Its a comedy thriller.
Through this movie 
an excellent actress 
'Abhinaya' enters into 
malayalam. It revealing 
the story of philippose
 and his son issac.
Released on Jan-11.
Maad Dad Revathy S Varma Lal, Nazriya Nazim, Meghana Raj The movie telling the 
story of a father and
 his daughter. How 
the daughter dealing 
with the situations 
when his father 
become a mental patient.
Released on Jan-11.
Yathrakkoduvil Basil Zak Sreejith Vijay, Vidya, Thilakan It is telling the story 
of seven friends who 
get together after their
 college life. They 
joined again by leaving
 all the relation they
 have before and after 
the college life is to 
attend the marriage 
function of one of them. 
The incidents happened 
during the joyful journey 
arranged by the groom to
 his home is the core of this story.Released on Jan-11.
Romans Boban Samuel Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon, Niveda Thomas, Aparna Nair Its a comedy thriller. It 
tells the story of two 
thief's and their kindness
 that make a big change 
and revealing a reality 
behind a mystry in a village
 named 'poomaala'.It become
 the first super hit of 2013.
Released on Jan-17.
Super Hit
Annum Innum Ennum Rajesh Nair Nishan, Jishnu, Thilakan The film revolves around 
a young married couple
 and their relationship 
in various levels. It 
illustrates the dry humour 
on how pretentious human
 relations can be and how
 there is a quid pro quo in
 all relations no matter 
how genuine they may 
seem. It deals with the 
irony of life.Released on 
Below Avg
Nakhangal Suresh Krisshnan Rakendu, Madan Mohan, Megha, Sumesh 'Nakhangal' tells the tale 
of three youngsters 
sharing a rented house.
The money orchestrates 
the story with broken
 trust,gruesome murders
 and a suspense ending.
Below Avg
Oru Yathrayil Priyanandanan, Major Ravi, Rajesh Amanakara, Mathews Vineeth Kumar, Remya Nambeesan, Lakshmi Gopalaswami It is a mix of 4 movie 
directed by 4 directors.
Honeymoon by Rajesh 
Amanakara,I Love My 
Appa by Mathews.
Marichavarude Kadal by Priyanandanan, Amma 
by Major Ravi.
Honeymoon is a take 
on the life of a newlywed
 couple in the backdrop
 of a slum. I Love My 
Appa is a family drama
 set in the backdrop of
 a typical Brahmin colony
 in Kalpathy in Palakkad. Marichavarude Kadal is
 about the decline of 
Gandhian principles in 
the modern era. It flits
 between past and 
present, as the tale 
of an elderly couple 
wedded to Gandhism 
is narrated, in the 
backdrop of sea. The 
sea, here is a symbol 
of the watery end of 
the great ideals of Mahatma 
Gandhi. Amma is a tale 
of an elderly housewife 
who yearns for love 
and attention from her 
husband and grown up 
Below Average
Proprietors Kammath & Kammath Thomson K. Thomas Mammootty, Dileep, Rima Kallingal, Karthika Nair It tells the story of two
 brothers and their hotel.
\ Mammootty and Dileep
 in lead roles. But due to 
the weak screenplay it 
fails to attract viewers. 
But on the high satellite 
rights it considered as a 
hit movie.
Players Vasudev Sanal Jayasurya, Kavya Madhavan, Jishnu, Nishanth Sagar Romantic thriller. But due 
to the lack of proper 
promotions and releasing
 issues it become flop in
 box office.
Below Avg
Lokpal Joshiy Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan The movie telling the 
story of a common 
man who preventing 
the corruption in our 
society. Mohanlal in 
different get-ups in 
this movie. But the 
weak in story and 
similarities with some
 other movies make it
 to fail in box office
Dracula 2012 3D Vinayan Sudheer Sukumaran, Prabhu, Shraddha Das, Monal Gajjar, Thilakan Its a fantacy horror 
thriller. Telling the story 
of Dracula. Technically
 it was a good movie. 
But due to the glamour 
scenes it fails to satisfy
 family audiences
Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla V. K. Prakash Fahadh Faasil, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Rima Kallingal, Aishwarya It revealing the views 
of a servent in different
 situations. It is
 categorized as a new 
generation movie.
Below Avg
Oru Nerinte Nombaram P. Sivaram Anoop David, Vaigha, Ashamol, Baby Hridya Its a new comer's movie.
 Fail to impress
Below Avg
Celluloid Kamal Prithviraj, Mamta Mohandas, Chandni It is a biopic movie, 
revealing the real life 
of JC Daniel. It collects
 several awards
Cowboy P. Balachandrakumar Asif Ali, Mythili, Bala It is a action comedy 
Below Avg
Breaking News Live Sudhir Ambalapadu Kavya Madhavan, Mythili, Vineeth 'Breaking News Live'
 visualizes the story of 
Nayana and Sneha. The
 plot moves forward 
with the many people
 who Nayana come 
across in her life. 
Nayana realizes the 
other side of people 
when she finds their 
true self. Sneha and 
her mentally challenged
 brother are under the 
care of their grandmother
 after the death of their 
parents. When fate 
makes a chance for 
Nayana to meet Sneha
, Nayana feels that 
Sneha is a part of her life. 
The revelation that
 they are not two but
 one takes the story 
to novel planes.
Black Butterfly Rajaputra Ranjith Mithun, Malavika The movie telling the 
story of 4 youngsters 
and the one incident 
that changes the four's
 life suddenly.
Housefull Linson Antony Tini Tom, Jyothirmayi The movie telling the 
story of a police 
Construable having 5
 childrens. The situations
 he faces in his life due
 to the high number of 
10:30 am Local Call Manu Sudhakaran Nishan, Shritha Sivadas, Mrudula Murali, Lal, Kailash Alby (Nishan) works
 in a Nissan showroom.

 His wife, Ann (Mridula),
 works as a Radio Jockey.
 Alby's old sweetheart, 

Nimmy (Shritha) enters
 his life when she is 
deserted by her husband, 
Vishnu (Kailash), after 
he suspects her of an 
affair. Alby is forced 
to take her to a 
homestay, where 
they share a room 
together. The story
 takes a sudden turn 
when Nimmy is found 
David & Goliath Rajeev Nath Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Soumya, Anumol The movie telling the 
story of a orphan and
 his amaizing ability to
 find new things.
Shutter Joy Mathew Lal, Sreenivasan, Sajitha Madathil Claimed to be a part of 
the new-wave in 
Malayalam cinema,
 the film is a satire 
about Indian laborers
 in the Gulf and is set
 within two days and 
a night in the city of 
Kozhikode. The film
 portrays unexpected
 incidents happening
 in two days and a 
night in the city of 
Kozhikode. The story
 centers around the 
mess created by 
three men — a Gulf
 Malayali, a film 
director and an auto
 driver — after they
 meet a strange
 woman in bizarre
The film is a moral 
suspense thriller and 
according to the 
director it is "poetical 
violence on celluloid".
Kili Poyi Vinay Govind Asif Ali, Aju Varghese It is a type of stoner film.
The movie telling the 
story of 2 youth they 
are enjoying their life 
with drugs. One day 
some critical incidents
 happening in their life
 and that make a big change.
Below Average
Omega.exe Binoy George Harish Raj, Vineeth, Sanchu, Iniya The movie telling the
 story of some software
 experts life
Below Average
Rose Guitarinaal Ranjan Pramod Richard Joy Thomas, Athmeeya Rajan, Rejith Menon It is a Romantic music
 entertainment. Telling 
a triangle love story.
Below Average
Mahatma Ayyankali Sooriya Deva Aju Karthikeyan, Sweta Nakhatra, Madhu, Jagannatha Varma, Manu Varma The movie telling the 
story of Ayyankali. 
And the freedom
 fights happen in 
kerala during the 
life time of mahathma 
Below Average
Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala Sunder Das Ann Augustine, Sidharth Bharathan, Jishnu The movie telling the 
story of an athletic 
champions personal life
Below Average
Lucky Star Deepu Anthikad Jayaram, Rachana Narayanankutty, Mukesh The movie revolves 
the life of a common
 man's family.
Pakaram Sreevallabhan Om Prakash, Radhika, Siddique It is a Revenge 
Below Average
Radio Umer Mohammed Iniya, Sarayu, Nishan, Sreejith Vijay "Tune in for a change"
 is the tagline attached
 to Radio in the credits
. The storyline is about
 a girl Priya who comes
 to the city for a job
 as a salesgirl in a
jewellery shop,with

 a load of debt to pay
 off, played by Sarayu.
 She is new to the ways
 and customs of the 
city life. Her co-worker,
 Iniya character Shweta,
 gives her accommodation,
 since she has no place 
or relative home to stay
 in the city. Shweta goes
 out at every night, 

where Nishan’s
 character Manu, 
comes to pick her up.
 Whole picture of the
 storyline is clear, 
Shweta. a five star 
prostitute and associate 
Manu as pimp,for 
securing her business.
 Its a shock to Priya 
when she realizes the
 truth about Shweta 
and decides to leave
 her friendship and 
apartment.After some
 critical incidents 
happening in their life.
Below Average
Poombattakalude Taazhvaaram V.M.Akhilesh Nima, Rajesh Mohan, Prethiknjan, Dhirar, Sandhra It is a Dramatic movie.
Below Average
Dolls Shalil Kallur John, Sruthi Nair, Parvathy Nair It is a Romantic drama.
Below Average
Papilio Buddha Jayan K. Cherian Kallen Pokkudan, David Briggs, Padmapriya, Sreekumar, Saritha Sunil, Prakash Bare, Thampi Antony It is a Environmental 
film,Human rights film.
Below Average
Ithu Manthramo Thanthramo Kuthanthramo Sainu Pallithazhathu Murali Krishna, Lakshmi Menon, Mukesh, Baburaj, Suraj Venjaramoodu It is a comedy Thriller.
Below Average
Kanaa Paadam Ameen Jawher Bhasi, Aarya Gaythri It is a New comer's 
Below Average
Ithu Pathiramanal M. Padmakumar Unni Mukundan, Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan It is a Revenge Thriller.
The story is about a 
private financer Eldho
 (Unni Mukundan), 
who lives in a hill 
station with his mother. 
His mother had become
 mentally challenged 
after she was raped
 by a police constable
 (Pradeep Rawat)
 during Eldho's 
childhood. His mother
 conceived from the
 rape and gave birth
 to a baby girl. 
Johnkutty (Jayasurya),
 Eldho's father is 
avenging his wife's
 death by going 
after the police 
constable and 
unfortunately dies. 
After Eldho has 
grown up, he reaches
 Pathiramanal, a plac
e in Kuttanad, in 
search of the constable
 to take revenge. 
There he meets Sara. 
He realizes that Sara 
is the daughter of the 
Good Idea P. K. Sakir Sreejith Vijay, Hanna Bella, Unni Sivapal It is a Romantic movie.
Below Average
Red Wine Salam Bappu Mohanlal, Fahad Fazil, Asif Ali, Meghana Raj, Meera Nandan, Mia It is an Investigative
 thriller. Mohanlal is 
doing a role of cop 
he investigating the
 death case of a
 political leader
Amen Lijo Jose Pellissery Indrajith, Fahadh Faasil, Swati Reddy, Rachana The film moves around
 the events that
 happen in a 
picturesque Kuttanadan
 village following the
 arrival of young pastor
 Vincent Vattolli (Indrajith Sukumaran). The 
film was released on 
22 March 2013, receiving
 rave reviews from
 critics and huge 
response from theatres.
The film was a box-office 
Super Hit
3 Dots Sugeeth Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon, Prathap Pothan, Janani Iyer It is a Romantic comedy
 thriller. Reveals the 3
 peoples life after they
 released from jail.
Yathra Thudarunnu Jayan Sivapuram Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Irshad, Nedumudi Venu It is a Dramatic movie.
Below Average
Kutteem Kolum Guinness Pakru Guinness Pakru, Aditya, Sanusha, Leya It is the first movie 
directed by Guinness
Below Average
Emmanuel Lal Jose Mammootty, Fahadh Faasil,Reenu Mathews It is a family drama.
 The movie revealing
 the life of emmanuel,
 he losing his job due 
to recession.
Sound Thoma Vyshakh Dileep, Namitha Pramod It is a Romantic
 comedy thriller. 
Screening thoma's
 (a cleft man) life and
Ladies & Gentleman Siddique Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine, Mamta Mohandas, Padmapriya, Mithra Kurian Ladies and Gentleman 
tells the story of 
(Mohanlal) whose 
wife's (Meera Jasmine) 
death has led him to 
become an alcoholic.
 He talks a young IT
 professional out of 
committing suicide
 and joins in the firm
 passing out positive
 philosophy which 
takes the firm from a
 struggling start-up 
to the top, and makes
 an impression on
 Anu (Mamta Mohandas),
 Jyothi (Padmapriya) 
and Chinnu (Mithra Kurian).
Climax Anil Sana Khan, Nishan It is a Biopic movie. It 
tells the real life story
 of silk smitha
SIM Diphan Deepak Parambol, Ann Augustine SIM, which is an 
acronym for "Sorry 
I am Mad".With a
 rather silly and 
predictable story line,
 stale jokes and pretty
 ordinary direction, 
the film fails to
 impress audience
Below Average
Akam Shalini Usha Nair Fahad Fazil, Anumol The film is a contemporary
 retelling of Malayattoor Ramakrishnan's classic 
psycho-thriller novel 
Yakshi (1967). The 
story is about Srini
 (Fahad Fazil), a 
young architect, 
who starts suspecting
 that his beautiful wife 
Ragini (Anumol) is a 
yakshi.The film was 
shot in and around 
Trivandrum and its 
surrounding suburbs.
 It premiered at the 
8th Dubai International 
Film Festival in 
December 2011.It
 was also screened
 at the Shanghai
 International Film 
Festival and
 International Film 
Festival of Kerala. 
The film released in
 theatres on 26 April 
Below Average
72 Model Rajasenan Govind Padmasurya, Sreejith Vijay, Soniya Das It is a dramatic 
comedy movie
Below Average
August Club K. B. Venu Rima Kallingal, Murali Gopy, Thilakan story about the
 nuances in marita
l life. The film's 
screenplay is written 
by Anantha 
 and is based on 
his novelette titled 
Venalinte Kalaneekkangal.
Progress Report Saajan Siddique, Geetha It is a Dramatic 
Below Average
Ente Puthiya Number 9567889999 A.G. Sukumaran Jaydev, Mehroof, Keerthana, Minnu Dramatic thriller
Below Average
Swaasam Harilal Gandhi Jinu Azeez, Jyothi Pillai It is a dramatic thriller
Below Average
Bharya Athra Pora Akku Akbar Jayaram, Gopika It is the second part 
of 'Veruthe Oru Bharya'
Hotel California Aji John Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Honey Rose, Maria Roy The film begins with
 the City Police 
Commissioner Bharath
 Chandran (Joju George)
 jumping over the 
compound wall of a
 house who is having
 an affair with house
 owner's wife. The 
house owner confronts 
commissioner and
 beats and breaks 
his arm. It then 
shifts to a man at
 a friend's house 
asking where his
 friend and a don 
named Jimmy is, as
 there is work for 
him to do for the man. 
He reveals his work 
is to transport the 
pirated DVD of the 
upcoming releasing
movie Hotel California
 and in which Jimmy
 has to transport it
 through the airport 
Mumbai Police Rosshan Andrrews Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Maria Roy, Rahman The story involving 
3 police officers life. 
One day one of then
 killed by an abnormal 
assasination. Further
 story is the 
investigation of that 
murder case
Neram Alphonse Putharen Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Manoj K. Jayan It is a bilingul movie. 
Released together in 
malayalam and tamil. 
It reveals the story of
 one day incidents
 happen in a common 
man's life.
Manikya Thamburattiyum Christmas Carolum Raffi T M, Prof G Gopalakrishnan Madhu, Devan, Sukanya, Sona Nair It is a dramatic movie
Below Average
Musafir Pramod Pappan Rahman, Mamta Mohandas, Bala, Divya Unni It is a thriller drama 
shooted full movie 
outside india.
Below Average
Aaru Sundarimaarude Katha Rajesh K. Abraham Lakshmi Rai, Shamna Kasim, Nadiya Moidu, Lena, Narain Romatic movie revealing
 the story of 6 women's 
Below Average
Orissa M. Padmakumar Unni Mukundan, Sanika Nambiar, Kaniha It is a dramatic love 
story happened in 
Vallatha Pahayan Niyas Bakker, Razaq Muhammed Manikandan Pattambi, Rachana, Vinod Kovoor, Niyas Bakker, It is a family thriller. 
Revealing the story 
of a common man he
 trying to build a new
Below Average
Aattakatha Kannan Perunudiyoor Vineeth, Meera Nandan, Malavika Wales The film marks his 
directorial debut of 
Kannan Perunudiyoor
 and is based on his 
own novel Cholliyattam.
The main plot of the 
film involves a French 
woman, played by
 German actor Irina 
Jacoby, who comes 
to Kerala to study
 Kathakali, and her 
relationship with a 
Kathakali actor called 
Unni (Vineeth).
Below Average
English Shyamaprasad Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Mukesh, Nadia Moidu, Remya Nambeesan The film tells the story
 of the lives of the 
Malayalees living 
in London, United 
Kingdom.The lives
 of four characters 
from diverse 
backgrounds whose
 passage to the U.K.
 and its aftermath are
 dealt with in the film.
Karuman Kasappan Sajil Parli Shaji,Krisha Kurup,Vinod It is a dramatic movie
Below Average
Once Upon a Time Binu Sasidharan Salim Kumar, Mala Aravindan It became the first
 feature film to be 
animated in Malayalam.
 For the first time in
 Indian film, 3D 
animated models of 
popular actors were
 created for a full 
length animated
 feature film.The 
story depicts a 
strange happening 
in the life of an 
adventurous and 
mischievous boy 
named Rahul who
 learns about a 
magical kingdom 
from a book gifted by 
a sage.
Below Average
Up & Down: Mukalil Oralundu T. K. Rajeev Kumar Indrajith, Prathap Pothen, Meghana Raj, Remya Nambeesan, Shruthy Menon It is a psychological
 thriller film roughly
 based on Hollywood
 film Elevator 
(2012 film).Almost
 the entire narrative 
takes place inside
 the limited space 
that is the lift and 
the entire storyline
 is set over a period
 of a few hours on 
a particular day.
Below Average
Abhiyum Njanum S. P. Mahesh Rohith, Archana Kavi, Lal, Menaka, Rejith Menon The film is a travel
movie which
 revolves around 
two characters, 
Abirami (Archana)
 and Rahul (Rohit) 
and plots the
 happenings in the
 life of the protagonists
 from morning to
 evening on that 
particular day. 
Despite the title, 
Abhiyum Njanum
 is not a remake of
 the 2008 Tamil film 
of the same name.
Below Average
Honey Bee Jean Paul Lal Asif Ali, Bhavana, Sreenath Bhasi, Lal, Archana Kavi The movie revolves
around two friends 
(Sebastian and Angel) 
who suddenly 
discover their love
 for each other.
 They elope on the
 eve of the girl's 
marriage, much to
 the chagrin of he
r brothers. The film
 essays the lovers' 
struggle for survival.
Pigman Avira Rebecca Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan The story of the film 
was written by 
N. Prabhakaran in
 1994, which won
 him the Katha 
Award for Best Story 
that year.
Below Average
Teens Jahangir Sams Sajith Raj, Divyadarshan It is a romantic drama.
Below Average
ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi Martin Prakkat Dulquer Salmaan, Jacob Gregory, Aparna Gopinath The film deals about
 the journey of two 
young American 
Malayalees to Kerala
 with the title based 
on the term 
Confused Desi
Left Right Left Arun Kumar Aravind Indrajith, Murali Gopy, Saiju Kurup, Remya Nambeesan, Lena The basic theme 
of the movie is
 that a man is part
 DNA, part unknown
 and part what he 
sees and goes
 through as a child. 
The film is set in three
 periods – the 60s/70s,
 the 80s/90s and the 
Thank You V. K. Prakash Jayasurya, Honey Rose, Saiju Kurup Although the film 
earned back it's
 revenue from 
satellite rights, it 
did not run well in theatres.
Money Back Policy Jayaraj Vijay Sreenivasan, Sreejith Vijay, Sarayu The film tells the 
story of Asokan 
(Sreenivasan), a 
security in a hotel.
 Although his 
surroundings and
 friends grow, he 
has a zero growth
. He is envious of 
rich people but he
 trains his wife 
(Sarayu) and children
 to lead a simple life 
in order to hide his
 jealous nature. Fortune
 favours him when he
 learns that he has 
inherited a huge sum
 from his ancestors. 
He gives up his job 
to live a lavish life 
and to make more 
money. Life changes
 for Asokan when he
 meets Rupa (Aiswarya 
Nambiar), an insurance
 company advisor.
Mr. Bean Reji Paul Divya Darshan, Avantika Mohan, Pritam Kagne It is a comedy movie
Below Average
5 Sundarikal Amal Neerad, Aashiq Abu, Anwar Rasheed, Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khaild Dulquer Salman, Fahadh Faasil, Nivin Pauly, Kavya Madhavan, Honey Rose, Isha Sharvani It is a romantic 
anthology film. It
 contains five short
 stories on love 
about five types 
of women. The stories
 are directed by Shyju
 Khalid, Sameer Thahir,
 Aashiq Abu, Amal 
Neerad and Anwar 
Rasheed, and feature
 an ensemble cast.
The featurette 
Sethulakshmi is an
 adaptation of 
M. Mukundan's 
short story Photo 
while Kullande 
Bharya is based on 
a Chinese story, 
The Tall Woman a
nd Her Short Husband 
by Feng Jicai.
Ayaal Suresh Unnithan Lal, Iniya, Lena, Lakshmi Sharma Ayaal is a story on
 intense human 
relations. It’s a story
 of a man who
 effortlessly floated
 along the estuaries
 of time, the back 
waters of Vembanad.
 If love is the
 flowering of one’s
 own heart, can it 
have a direction? 
Is it Scalar (direction
 less). This is an 
question raised 
by him, the 
protagonist, Guru
 Dasan. The film 
problemetises the
 conventional fabric
 of human relations,
 its rules and its sanctity.
God for Sale Babu Janardhanan Kunchacko Boban, Anumol, Jyothi Krishna, Suraj Venjaramoodu The film focusses on
 the fraudulent 
spiritual leaders
 and demigods who
 are rising in numbers
 and tackles it with a
 satirical tinge. This
 was the last movie 
in which Thilakan
 acted before his death.
Below Average
Paisa Paisa Prasanth Murali Indrajith, Mamta Mohandas, Sandhya, Apoorva Bose Set against the
 backdrop of Chennai
 and Kochi, Paisa 
Paisa is a multi-
narrative realistic 
thriller showing 
how money can 
affect the lives of
Below Average
Buddy Raaj Prabavathy Menon Anoop Menon, Srikanth, Bhumika Chawla, Balachandra Menon, Asha Sarath The story features 
the friendship 
between a father
 and son. Maanikunju
 was living his dream 
when the 17-years-
old Vishnu walks in 
to their life. With 
some hidden intentions,
 Vishnu befriends
 Maanikunju and his
 friends. But the 
nature of his father 
leaves him surprised.
 Another person 
acts as a tool between
 the two. What follows
 next forms the rest 
of the story.
Below Avg
Mizhi Tejas Perumanna Sudheesh, Pooja Vijayan, Sona, Ashokan, Riza Bava It is a dramatic movie
Below Avg
Tourist Home Shebi Sreejith Vijay, Meera Nandan, Hemanth Menon, Saiju Kurup, Kalabhavan Mani, Sarayu The film has an 
ensemble cast 
featuring more 
than 40 actors 
including Hemanth
 Menon, Meera 
Nandan, Sreejith 
Vijay, Rejith Menon,
 Sreejith Ravi, 
Kalabhavan Mani, 
Nedumudi Venu, 
Lena, Sarayu, Saiju 
Kurup and Roshan.
Below Average
Kallante Makan Sudev Anoop Chandran, Lakshmipriya, Master Yadukrishnan It is a comedy movie
Below Average
Police Maaman B R Jacob Baburaj, Radha Varma Comedy thriller
Below Average
Crocodile Love Story Anoop Ramesh Praveen Prem, Avanthika Mohan, Manikuttan, Kalabhavan Mani The movie, which 
used the technique
 of Animatronics
 for the first time in
 Malayalam cinema
 released on July 
19, 2013 to receive 
mixed reviews from
 critics and was an 
average grosser at
 the box office.
Kunthapura Joe Eshwar Biyon, Priya Lal, Anu Hassan Structured on the
 point of view of 
three individuals, 
Narasimha Shashtri, 
an old Indian freedom
 fighter. Gowri Iyer, 
an Indian Journalist 
and Emma Hall, a British 
banker. The film is set
 in 1920s in colonial
 India and revolves 
around the lives of 
three groups of people
, the peasants from 
a village called 
'Kunthapura', the
 freedom fighters 
of the princley state
 of Mysore and a
 group of archeologists commissioned to
 do an excavation
 in the village of 
Kunthapura. The 
film shot in India 
and England is due
 for release in 2013.
Vazhiyariyathe V M Karayad Sai Balan, Dimple Rose Romantic film
Below Average
One Parthan Mohan Soumya Sadanandan, Rosmin Jolly, Jagadeesh Horror Thriller
Below Average
101 Chodyangal Sidhartha Shiva Indrajith, Lena, Nishant Sagar, Kalabhavan Niyas The film is set in 
Kaviyoor, Tiruvalla, 
director's hometown
 in Kerala, which 
inspired the film. 
The story revolves 
around a school 
assignment given
 to a class V 
student to frame
 101 questions.
A Class V student
 is given an
 assignment to frame
 101 questions. 
The film is about the 
efforts he has to 
put in to frame those
 questions. At this 
point, his father, 
who is a factory 
employee, loses 
his job. The two 
parallel streams converge
 at the end.
Black Ticket Udayachandran Sai Kumar, Prem Kumar, Anil Murali, Majeed It is a dramatic film
Below Average
Penangunni Manoj Chandrasekharan Abhijit Sanal, Vaishnavi The film presents a
 cinematic journey 
through the literary
 lands of Kerala
 (Malayalam) in order
 to examine and 
understand its 
heritage. Two orphans
 are in search of their
 lost parrot. The
 parrot represents the
 lost mother tongue, 
Malayalam. It is
 through exploration
 of the various
 landmarks and 
milestones of the 
language, that the 
children make their
 journey to find their pet.
Below Average
Kadal Kadannoru Mathukkutty Ranjith Mammootty, Alisha Mohammed, Nedumudi Venu, Meera Nandan The film was produced
 by Prithviraj 
Sukumaran, Santhosh
 Sivan, and Shaji 
Natesan under the
 banner of August
Cinema, and released
 on August 8, 2013.
Memories Jeethu Joseph Prithviraj, Meghana Raj, Rahul Madhav, Mia George It is a Psychological
 thriller film.
Super Hit
Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi Sameer Thahir Dulquer Salmaan, Sunny Wayne It is a Road Movie.
Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum Lal Jose Kunchako Boban, Namitha Pramod It tells the story of
 a house boat owner
 of kuttanad and his
Kalimannu Blessy Shweta Menon, Biju Menon The film revealing
 the story of a film 
actress and the
 issues faced by 
her during pregnancy 
Olipporu A. V. Sasidharan Fahadh Faasil, Subiksha, Kalabhavan Mani, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sidharth Bharathan Dramatic movie, fail 
to impress audience
Below Average
Arikil Oraal Sunil Ibrahim Indrajith, Nivin Pauly, Remya Nambeeshan, Lena It is a Mystery Thriller.
Deft attempt at treating
 the complex topics of
 doppelganger and left temporoparietal
 impacts in the 
context of schizophrenia
, this movie is a 
Artist Shyamaprasad Fahadh Faasil, Ann Augustine, Sreeram Ramachandran An adaptation of 
Dreams In Prussian 
Blue, a paperback 
novel by Paritosh 
Uttam, the film is
 about two fine arts 
students, both 
driven by individual
 ambitions, who 
decide to live together.
 The film traces the 
course of their 
relationship and 
their progression 
as artists. It features
 Fahadh Faasil 
playing Michael
 and Ann Augustine 
as his lover, Gayathri.
Kunjananthante Kada Salim Ahamed Mammootty, Nyla Usha, Salim Kumar, Balachandra Menon The story of 
Kunjananthante Kada
 is set in a village 
around the Mattannur
-Iritty area of Kannur
, Kerala. Kunjananthan
 (Mammootty) manage
s a provision store the
 village. Resigned to
 an unhappy marriage
, it is this shop that is
 at the centre of his 
existence. The owner
 of the building
 pleads with him to 
vacate the shop so 
he may settle his 
debts, but
 Kunjananthan does
 not relent. Eviction,
 however, seems 
unavoidable when 
the government tries
 to acquire land for 
a road development
 project. Kunjanthan's
 travails to retain the 
shop form the 
second-half of the film.
BlackBerry K. B. Madhu Baburaj, Sunny Wayne, Mythili Comedy movie, 
fail to impress audience
Below Average
Raavu Ajith Ravi Pegasus Sanam Prasad, Nancy Gupta, Manasi Thomas, Vinu Abraham Dramatic movie, 
fail to impress audience
Below Average
Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus Marthandan Mammootty, Honey Rose, Sanam Shetty Daivathinte Swantham
 Cleetus revolves 
around Cleetus 
(Mammootty), a
 dreaded long-haired
 rogue. He surprises
 the parish priest 
(Siddique) by his 
uncanny resemblance
 to Jesus Christ in
 looks and mannerisms.
 He is roped in by the 
priest for the role of
 Jesus Christ for a
 light and sound show 
for their upcoming 
festival. His real self 
comes to the fore during
 rehearsals. The fact 
that he is a goon is
 revealed, yet the 
priest decides to
 persist with him in
 the belief that the
 experience of
 performing the noble
 character will lead to 
his transformation.
D Company M. Padmakumar, Dipan, Vinod Vijayan Jayasurya, Fahadh Faasil, Asif Ali, Anoop Menon, Unni Mukundan, Samuthirakani, Bhama, Ananya It is an anthology of 
three independently 
shot action films 
directed by M. Padmakumar
, Vinod Vijayan and 
Diphan. Its cast includes
 Jayasurya, Anoop
 Menon, Unni Mukundan,
 Fahad Fazil and Asif 
Ali. The film is 
produced by Vinod
 Vijayan, Seven
 Arts Mohan and 
Faisal Latheef 
under the banner 
of D Cutz Film Company.
Sringara Velan Jose Thomas Dileep, Vedhika, Nedumudi Venu, Kalabhavan Shajon Kannan (Dileep) is 
the son of a fashion
 weaver Ayyapanashan
 (Babu Namboothiri).
 His father has sent
 him for fashion 
designing,but Kannan
 wants to make more 
money easier. His 
friends are Yesudas
 a.k.a Yesu (Lal),a 
gunda and Vasu
 (Kalabhavan Shajon).
Ezhamathe Varavu Hariharan Vineeth, Indrajith, Bhavana, Kavitha The film's script was 
written by M.T  in 
the 1970s and was
 filmed by Hariharan 
himself in the name
 Evideyo Oru Sathru 
with veteran actor
 Sukumaran playing
 an important role 
(this character was
 donned by his son
 Indrajith Sukumaran
 in the 2013 film).
 However, the 
original film, which 
was buffed in the
 industry circles to 
be a trendsetter, 
did not get a 
commercial release.
North 24 Kaatham Anil Radhakrishnan Menon Fahadh Faasil, Nedumudi Venu, Swati Reddy Movie released along
 with mass movies 
Singaravelan , 
Swantham Cleetus
 and received as a 
better movie among
 onam releases.
 Fahad Fazil, whose 
previous movies 
Olipporu and 
D Company were
 failure, is all back 
with the consecutive
 success of his two
 movies Artist and 
North 24 Kaatham.
Radio Jockey Rajasenan Arjun Nandakumar, Nimisha Suresh, Ria Saira, Rajasenan Dramatic movie,
 fail to impress audience
Below Average
Careebeyans Nandukumar Kalabhavan Mani, Swetha Menon, Siddigue Action movie, fail to
 impress audience
Below Average
KQ Baiju Johnson Baiju Johnson, Parvathy Omanakuttan, I. M. Vijayan, Shakeela Vembala Benzir(Baiju
 Johnson) and Anali
 Roshan (Anson Paul
) have been friends for long.Journalist 
Sunayna (Parvathy
 Omanakuttan) who
 is on the lookout for
 a story for London 
Times.Quite obviously
 it turns out that the 
journo is trying hard 
to crack a case about
 her girlfriend who had
 mysteriously gone 
missing for some time now.
Below Average
Zachariayude Garbhinikal Aneesh Anvar Lal, Rima Kallingal, Sanusha The film narrate
the incidents in 
the life of a gynaecologist 
and five women who 
come into his life. Lal
 acts as the 
gynaecologist and 
Asha Sharreth does
 the role of doctor's
 wife. Rima's 
character is a nurse, 
while Geetha plays an
 elderly woman who 
gets pregnant through
 artificial insemination
. Sanusha plays a 
school girl. Aju Varghese
 appears as Ajmal who
 has strong feelings 
for Fatima. However,
 due to their height 
difference, he is unable
 to confide his love 
for her. Sandra Thomas
 plays the role of 
another expectant 
woman and Joy Mathew
 acts as her husband.
3G : Third Generation A. Jayaprakash John Jacob, Arun Narayan, Mehul James, Vidya Unni Romantic movie, fail to
 impress audience
Below Average
Camel Safari Jayaraj Arun Shankar, Pankaja Menon, Sekhar Menon, Kamal Gaur Dia(Pankaja Menon)
 heroine of the movi
e is a management 
student in Mangalore.
 She and four of her friends(Catherine, 
Hashim, Yamini and
 Chinna Gounder)
 visits Rajasthan for 
15 days to attend a 
marriage. There she 
meets a Rajput boy 
Pavan(Arun Shankar)
 and falls in love with 
him. What happens to
 her there after that in 
that unknown land
 makes the content of the
Below Average
Kaanchi G N Krishnakumar Indrajith, Murali Gopy, Maria John, Archana Gupta Action Thriller movie, 
fail to impress audience
Below Average
Last Bus 8:35 pm Sreejith Mahadevan Devan, Sona, Joe, Kavya, Ponnu Thriller movie, fail
 to impress audience
Below Average
Pattupusthakam Prakash Kolleri Vinod Isac, Asha Tomy Drama,Environmental
 film, fail to impress audience
Below Average
Pithavum Kanyakayum Rupesh Paul,Sajiv Menon M. G. Sasi, Kripa, Sasi Kalinga literally meaning 
Father and Virgin),
 officially titled in English as Daddy, You Bastard, is a 
2013 Malayalam film 
directed by Rupesh
 Paul and N. K. Sajiv
 Menon. The story is 
about a middle-aged 
man who spends the
 night with a girl who
 happens to be his
 daughter's classmate
. Short story writer Indu
 Menon has written the
 story while her husband,
 Rupesh Paul, has
 written the script 
and dialogue for the film.
Below Average
Bunty Chor Mathews Abraham Nixon George, Sreejith Vijay, Praveen Prem, Kochupreman, Sasi Kalinga It is a Heist movie, 
fail to impress audience
Below Average
Idukki Gold Aashiq Abu Babu Antony, Maniyanpilla Raju, Sajitha Madathil The film narrates the 
story of a few high-
school friends getting
 back together after a
 long time to smoke a 
variety of marijuana,
 Idukki Gold, locally 
known as Neela
 Chadayan. Babu 
Antony, Prathap 
Pothen, Maniyanpilla
 Raju, Vijayaraghavan
 and Raveendran play
 central roles in this film.
Malayala Nadu Sasi Vadakkedathu Aniyappan, Arjun, Sruthibala Romantic movie, fails
 to impress audience
Below Average
Pattam Pole Azhagappan Dulquer Salmaan, Malavika Mohanan, Archana Kavi, Anoop Menon Karthi (Dulquer Salman)
 and Riya (Malavika 
Mohanan) elope one
 early morning to Ooty
, fearing that the
 elders in the family 
will not accept their
 inter-religious relationship
. They return to their 
respective homes after
 a couple of days after
 having a fight. They 
convince their loved 
ones that they hate 
each other and vow 
never to see each 
other again. The film
 would then trace the
 eventual course of
 their lives.
Nadodimannan Viji Thampi Dileep, Ananya, Mythili, Archana Kavi, Sayaji Shinde starring Dileep, Ananya,
 Mythili and Archana
 Kavi in the lead roles
.Dileep and Viji Thampi
 collaborated after 17
 years in this movie. 
This film was successful
 at box office
Bangles Dr. Suvid Wilson Ajmal Ameer, Poonam Kaur, Archana Kavi The film is about a 
story of a murderer,
 who leaves a few 
pieces of bangles at
 the crime spot. It was
 released on October 18
Cleopatra Rajan Shankaradi Manoj K. Jayan, Prerana Cleopatra is an emotional 
family film which 
concentrates on family 
bondings, fail to impress 
Below Average
Cold Storage Vinod Vikraman, Shaiju Thamban Basil, Jafeena, Muhamed Noufal Thriller movie, fail to
 impress audience
Below Average
For Sale Sathish Ananthapuri Mukesh,Sandhya The film portrays the 
story of today's modeling
 and advertisement
 industry.The film deals
 with various subjects 
of social relevance.Th
e influence of Parents
 lifestyle in the character
 formation of children
, ill effects of alcohol 
in society, importance
 of family which 
everyone forgets in 
search fortunes etc. 
are depicted in it.
Below Average
Pottas Bomb Sursh Achoos Indrans, Tini Tom, Priyanka, Anu SIthara, Chinju Mohan Thriller movie, fail to
 impress audience
Below Average
Philips and the Monkey Pen Rojin Philip, Shanil Muhammed Master Sanoop, Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan Philips and the Monkey 
Pen revolves around 
an eight-year-old 
called Ryan Philip and
 his adventures with 
a magical pen called 
the Monkey Pen.
Super Hit
Ginger Shaji Kailas Jayaram, Muktha Shaji Kailas's 'Ginger' 
is a humorous tale, set
 against the backdrop 
of a village, enroots a 
road trip. Two scheming
 thieves Vivekanandan
 and Najeeb Kecheri 
plans to rob 
Harinarayanan and his
 wife Devika's house, 
but in a quirk of fate, 
becomes a part of 
their life. Meanwhile,
 when moneylender 
Edamuttam Pappachen
 asks them to do 
something special 
for him, the story takes
 another turn.
Below Average
Kadhaveedu Sohanlal Kunchacko Boban, Bhama, Rituparna Sengupta The film is an anthology
 with adaptations of
 stories written by 
renowned Malayalam
 fiction writers Basheer, 
M. T. Vasudevan Nair and Madhavikutty (Kamala 
Surayya).. The stories 
have been tweaked to
 fit in a modern setting
 and the script has been
 conceived by the 
director himself.
 Kadhaveedu is 
Sohanlal's second 
feature film. He 
made his debut in 
2011 with the film 
Orkkuka Vallappozhum.
Geethaanjali Priyadarshan Mohanlal, Nishan, Keerthi Suresh Anjali (Keerthi Suresh), 
who has a recent 
shocking history of
 her twin sister Geetha 
(Keerthi Suresh) 
committing suicide. 
She is already betrothed
 to Anoop (Nishan) 
from a prominent family
. But when her mother
 suddenly falls down 
from the staircase 
ending up in paralysis,
 Anjali and Anoop
 proceed to her Arackal 
house. Once they reach
 there, they are into more
 mysteries as the spirit 
of Geetha starts to haunt 
Anjali, which even
 physically disturbs 
her. Within days from
 a series of horrifying
 incidents arrives 
Dr. Sunny Joseph 
(Mohanlal) with his
 style of wit and 
wisdom, to treat 
Anjali and to help 
her out of the crisis
 that she is presently in.
Thira Vineeth Sreenivasan Shobhana, Dhyan Sreenivasan The film marks the 
debut of Vineeth 
Sreenivasan's younger
 brother Dhyan 
Sreenivasan and also
 the return of actress 
Shobana to Malayalam
 cinema after almost a 
Oru Soppetty Katha Hafiz Ismail Shafeek Rahman, Hakkim Shajahan, Vanitha Manohar, Radhika Pillai Comedy movie, fail to
 impress audience
Below Average
Nadan Kamal Jayaram, Remya Nambeesan Nadan is the story of 
a popular drama troupe
 owned by Devadas
 Sargavedi (Jayaram), 
which was previously 
possessed by his father 
and grandfather in the
 past, and speaks about
 the problems faced by 
the owner and his survival.
 The revival of this 
mighty art through the
 sustained effort of 
the talented theatre 
artists forms the crux
 of the narrative. 
Nadan will also feature 
some famous scenes
 from the famous 
K P A C dramas 
Communistakki and 
Mudiyanaya Puthran.
Mukham Mootikal P. K. Radhakrishnan Guru Chemanchery Kunjiraman Nair, Irshad, Mohana Thriller movie, fails
 to impress audience
Below Avg
Vishudhan Vysakh Kunchacko Boban, Mia Sunny (Kunchacko
 Boban), a young 
priest, is put in charge
 of a church in a rural
 area. The people 
there are faithful but
 poor. The church 
runs an old age home 
which is sponsored by
 the only rich man in 
the area, Vavachan 
(Hareesh Peradi). There
 Sunny meets Sister 
Sophie (Mia George)
. The two working 
sincerely in the old 
age home and in the
 process discover the
 motives behind 
Vavachan's philanthropy. 
He has an agreement
 with the home that he
 gets the unclaimed
 dead bodies for the 
medical college run 
by his son (Krishna 
Kumar), which is always
 short of cadavers. 
When he is threatened
 with exposure,
 Vavachan begins 
a smear campaign 
against Sunny and 
Sister Sophie that 
gets the sister, an 
orphan, thrown out 
of the church on the
 charge of having 
an illicit affair with 
Sunny. Sunny then 
leaves the priesthood
 to be her protector.
 They get married and 
eventually come back 
to the same place to 
live and prove that 
they have not done a
nything wrong.
Bicycle Thieves Jis Joy Asif Ali, Aparna Gopinath, Saiju Kurup, Aju Varghese The story of a cycle
 lover and thief.
Escape from Uganda Rajesh Nair Rima Kallingal, Parthiban, Vijay Babu Shikha Samuel (Rima
 Kallingal), along with 
her husband 
Jayakrishnan (Vijay
 Babu), has chosen 
of all places in the 
world, Uganda, to 
find refuge in, after 
her family in Kerala
 objects to their 
marriage. The couple
 is leading a happy 
life with a girl child 
of their own. Jayakrishnan
 is employed as a
 manager in a coffee
 shop and Shikha 
runs a designer boutique
 of her own. She soon
 sets up a boutique
 of her own in the 
African country. 
The tranquillity of
 their life is shattered
 when Shikha is 
arrested on the charges
 of committing two
 murders, one of the 
victim is the daughter
 of the local Mayor, 
who has pledged to
 keep her in jail for the
 rest of her life.
Namboothiri Yuvavu @43 Mahesh Sharma Maniyanpilla Raju, Thanushree Reghuram Dramatic movie,
 fail to impress audience
Below Average
Punyalan Agarbathis Ranjith Sankar Jayasurya, Nyla Usha Punyalan Agarbattis
 is the story of Joy 
Thakkolkaran, a
 young entrepreuner
 from Thrissur. His 
new business venture
 'Punyalan Agarbattis
' involves manufacturing
 agarbattis from
 elephant dung. 
Fragrance and quality 
of his incense sticks 
aside, its mosquito
 repellant capabilities
 too have pleased those
 who tried the samples
. However, Joy 
suddenly has a new 
set of people and 
problems as 'Punyalan 
Agarbattis' comes to a halt.
Weeping Boy Felix Joseph Sreenivasan, Arjun Narayan, Shritha Sivadas, Praveena,Lena Abhilash Comedy movie, fail 
to impress audiences.
Below Average
Chewing Gum Praveen M Sukumaran Sunny Wayne, Thinkal Bhal Drama, fail to impress
Below Average
Miss Lekha Tharoor Kaanunnathu Shajiyem Meera Jasmine, Badri, Basil The story is about 
Lekha Tharoor 
(Meera Jasmine)
, a TV show host, 
who unexpectedly 
starts envisaging 
happenings that cannot
 be accepted according 
to the general 
perception. She is 
considered psychic,
 and is sent for medical 
counselling. This film
 is about the fantasies
 of Lekha.
The Power of Silence V. K. Prakash Mammootty, Pallavi Chandran, Anoop Menon Arvind Chandrasekhar
 (Mammootty), a very 
successful lawyer
 with a track record 
any one would dream 
about, is appointed
 judge in the Karnataka
 High Court. Happily
 living in Bangalore 
with his wife Sangeetha 
(Pallavi Purohit) and
 their adorable children
 Arya and Aditya, the 
man has little to fret
over. Before taking the

 oath, he visits his 
parents in Kerala. There 
he is harassed by 
threatening phone 
call from a wailed 
assailant who says 
he is not fit to be a 
judge. Arvind ignores
 the calls at first but 
things get serious 
when his wife and 
children face dangerous
 situations. The film 
narrates how he unveils
 the mystery with the 
help of his close friend
 Neil George (Anoop 
Menon), an IPS officer.
Red Rain Rahul Sadasivan Narain, Leona Lishoy Scientic-Fiction, fail to
 impress audience.
Below Average
Vedivazhipadu Shambhu Purushothaman Saiju Kurup, Indrajith, Anumol, Murali Gopy, Mythili, Anusree Vedivazhipadu depicts
 the events in a time 
frame of 24 hours on
 the Pongola festival
 day at the Attukal 
Temple. Three friends,
 Sanjay (Saiju Kurup),
 Pradeep (Sreejith
 Ravi) and Rahul
 (Murali Gopy), have
 made secret plans for
 the day when their
 wives will be away 
attending the festival.
 Sanjay, who is a 
cashier in a bank, is
 married to Rashmi
 (Anusree), a bold and 
outgoing TV journalist
 who is a star in her 
own right. She has
 been covering the 
Pongala live for her 
channel. It does not
 take us long to guess 
who is the boss here.
Good Bad & Ugly V. R. Rathish Sreejith Vijay, Meghana Raj Drama, fail to impress
Below Average
Lillies of March Sathish Thariyan Rahman, Abhimanyu, Abhinay, Sreejith Ravi Drama, fail to impress 
Below Average
Njan Anaswaran G. Krishnaswami Ashokan, Vaiga Drama, fail to impress
Below Average
Drishyam Jeethu Joseph Mohanlal,Meena Georgekutty (Mohanlal)
 is an orphan, who has
 only passed class
 four. But he is 
involved in a number 
of enterprises. 
He runs a cable 
TV business and
 lives with his wife,
 Rani (Meena) and
 two daughters Anju
 (Ansiba), a Plus Two
 student, and Anu 
(Esther), a student 
of class eight, in a 
high range village in 
Idukki. When Varun 
(Roshan) walks in 
abruptly into their 
lives, the four of 
them and their 
togetherness are put
 to extreme test, in 
terrifying ways they
 have experienced 
never before. The film
 narrates how they 
overcome the crisis.
Super Hit(Blockbuster of the Year)
Oru Indian Pranayakatha Sathyan Anthikkad Fahadh Faasil,Amala Paul Ayemanam Sidharthan
 (Fahad Fazil) is the 
local youth wing leader 
of a political outfit.
 Protégé of the district 
president of the party, 
Uthup (Innocent),
 Sidharthan hopes to
 make it big in politics
. Into his life comes Irin
 (Amala Paul) from 
Canada who visits
 Kerala to shoot a 
documentary. She is
 in search of an assistant
 to help her shoot the
 film and approaches
 Uthup. She promises 
INR2000 per day for
 the assistant and 
Siddharthan who has
 financial issues agrees
 to help her. The film 
tells the untold and 
poignant relation that
 grows among two
 individuals who are
 poles apart from each 
Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal Lal Jose Dileep,Rima Kallingal Aby is an ad-film
 maker. After a failed
 romance, he has 
remained a bachelor. 
His family has been
 on the lookout for 
suitable girls for 
sometime now
 and finally he 
agrees to tie the
 knot. Seven 
days before the
 wedding, he hosts a bachelor party. The events that follow are what the film is about.

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