1983 Malayalam Movie Review | 1983 Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report

1983, A wonderful tribute to the living legend Sachin Tendulkar, and for all those who loved cricket more than their life. Abrid Shine truly deserve a pat on the back for his truly refreshing, nostalgic movie 1983.
It is a nostalgic throwback to the days from India won their first world cup under Kapil Dev. From that day, there was a generation in 80s and 90s , who just fell in love for the sport Cricket. The small clubs, school grounds, Paddy fields every thing tuned glorious days for worshiping the sport cricket.

The movie is set against the backdrop of a visually appealing village, Brahmamangalam. The story unfolds from the year of 1983, where some children of the village along with others, rejoice the world cup victory of India. Rameshan (Nivin Pauly) , the star batsman of them, Pappan (Saiju Kurup), Babukuttan (Sanju), Saji (Dinesh), Prahladan (Neeraj Madhav), Mantle Johny (Kalabhavan Prajod), Varkey, Chandru, Basheer, forming the rest of the gang. 
They grow up holding cricket to their hearts. Gopi Aashaan (Joy Mathew), Rameshan's father, running a mechanic shop, is all against his son's love for cricket, which had spoiled his ambitions of Rameshan becoming a mechanical engineer. 
1983 Malayalam Movie Review | 1983 Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report
At school, Rameshan has his love Manjula (Nikki Galrani), who after their studies eagerly hopes for Rameshan to find a good job and to marry her. Rameshan on the contrary, can't leave his passion for cricket as he attends almost all village cricket matches even after growing up and looking after his father's workshop. Manjula gets married to another guy, and leaves abroad and Rameshan, being compelled by his parents and friends, marries Susheela (Srindaa Ashab), whom he finds to be the only person in India, who doesn't know about Sachin Tendulkar. Their happy life becomes more fruitful with the birth of Kannan, and after a few years, Rameshan gets to know his son has got his same passion for cricket. Rameshan gets his son to Vijay Menon (Anoop Menon), a cricket coach, who helps Kannan to become an efficient player, which forms the rest of the movie.

Through out the film offers enough hilarious moments which happens both in the cricket fields and their life too. And apart from these laugh out moments, 1983 at times makes the audience to smile at some perfectly crafted scenes, and feel for them at very touchy moments.
The first half is filled with full of Cricket euphoria, love life of Ramesan, and enough laughs.
The second half turn out to be serious, and it is the realization of Ramesan that, cricket is not all about the life. Like his friends he also forced to find a way for his future. And he realize the meaning of his parents that life is more than Cricket.
Abrid Shine, Photographer turned director in his first movie opens the door to witness the incredible days of cricket through the life of a group of people, their life, true love and how they grow up with the cricket.

Abrid Shine, surly got a best debut, and a golden one, which is sure to get him a maiden century on his debut itself. Abrid Shine expressed some where “Cricket is a part of my heart, and I am giving it to you as 1983″. True to his word 1983 reflects  those words in each frames.
There is an intriguing and refreshing script from Abrid and Bipin Chandran, which travels through the memory of Ramesan in three different time intervals covering a life of a teenage boy to a middle aged man, who still keeps his love for Cricket
Pradeesh Varma’s camera gives lots of beauty and increase the nostalgic feeling of the film. And Abrid Shine a photographer himself used all the possibility to make the film a visual treat as well.
Editing from Manoj also crisp.
Produced by Shamsudheen under Shams Films and distributed by Lal jose through LJ Films is surely proud to be a part of such a great looking film.
Coming to the music from Gopi Sunder, its a gem. Where the song “Olonjali Kuruvi”, sung by legendary singers “P Jayachandran” and “Vani Jayaram” after a long time together, is the best of the lot. In the first half the song cleverly and beautifully picturised to express the love of Ramesan and Manjula.
Nivin Pauly as Ramesan brings out the best performance of him till date. From the teenage guy to middle aged man he was looking brilliant and convey all the emotions of the character perfectly.
Nikki Galrani who is making her Malayalam debut should be proud of a good role. It is wonderful to see , how she shed her usual bubbly and glamour look for a down to earth Malayali girl. Though the dubbing could have been better.
Srinda Ashab as Susheela, the wife of Ramesan came up with another appreciable performance.
The friends of Ramesan,  Prajod, Saiju Kurup, Jacob Gregory, Neeraj Madhavan, Sanju, Dinesh, all done their part great. Joy Mathew, Anoop Menon as Cricket Coach, Seema as Ramesan’s mother too done their part with ease. Rest of the casts too done their part convincingly.

1983 is a nostalgic journey to the golden day of cricket. Where the life of a group of people who just love the game more than anything. And a tribute to living legend of cricket, SACHIN. A never miss film. Take home the refreshing memories of your childhood.