London Bridge Malayalam Movie Review | London Bridge Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report


Vijay Das (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a successful businessman running some corner shops and a money lending enterprise in East London. He has come to London after his college life and suffered a lot there to finally get into a big position. One day, Vijay gets to a clash with a man who has borrowed some money from his enterprise and didn't pay back the same. On the course, Vijay gets to know the man is much liked and respected by CS Nambiar (Prathap Pothen), a business tycoon well known in London who is capable of anything in the city. Vijay seeks the help of Advocate Francis (Mukesh) who was the main factor to help in almost all his tough situations which is followed by a meeting with Nambiar and Vijay.
London Bridge Malayalam Movie Review | London Bridge Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report
Nambiar, getting to know the history of Vijay, is much pleased with his nature and asks him to marry his daughter Pavithra (Andrea Jeremiah), who is keenly interested in charity works. Things take a turn when Vijay's car hits Merin (Nanditha Raj) on the way back from his first meeting with Pavithra. Merin is new to the city and is just about to enter her first job as a nurse. In the accident, Merin's one hand gets paralysed. On his further meetings with Merin at the hospital, mainly to impress Pavithra, Vijay gets more attached with Merin and develops a deep bond of love. In the meantime, Pavithra too falls in love with Vijay who is impressed with his helping attitude and agrees to her father to marry Vijay. Vijay, finding himself between the love of these two ladies, have to find an answer to choose one in his life.
Prithviraj as Vijay Das is impressive with his stunning looks and controlled acting. Andrea Jeremiah in her role of Pavithra too has given out a decent performance. Nanditha Raj looks cute with her role as Merin, but leaves a big challenge of improving her expressions while rendering dialogues. Other actors including Prathap Pothen (CS Nambiar), Lena (Gracy), Sunil Sukhada (Thambikutty), Mukesh (Francis) have done justice to their roles.
Cinematography by Jithu Damodar is impressive. He has captured the stunning locations of the city of London with much brilliance. Camera angles too are exceptional. Another saving grace of the movie is the music. BGM by Gopi Sunder is pleasing throughout. 'Ennum ninne...' and 'Kannadivathil...' are impressive, while the other two doesn't make an impact. Jinu Abraham, who has penned the script and dialogues, could have worked on it much more as the movie stays as just one in the line of several romantic dramas we have come across. He hasn't tried much to create a difference which could have made a better impact on the audience. On the direction side, Anil C Menon has improved a bit from his previous flicks, still fails at times to impress. For the kind of its genre, length of the movie is a main factor and the movie could have been trimmed well for better acceptance.
London Bridge Released after 1983, there is a chance of big competition with both movies. 1983 surely collects more priority in box office, because the story of 1983 is all about cricket and some sort of nostalgic romance. In the other side London Bridge is a story of UK malayalies, most of the common viewers first choice may divert in the case of such a high-fi movie. But it shows a big change of Prithviraj from recent films, in London Bridge we have chance to watch Prithvi as a romantic hero. As the past times proved that he is most eligible for such roles. And the glorious Andriya Jerimiya's second malayalam movie. And also in about 2013 all the Prithvi movies are Box Office hits, lets hope for a big hit... 
 On the whole, London Bridge is a slow paced decent watchable romantic drama which has much flaws and faults. Not being everyone's cup of tea, it's to be seen how well this movie performs at the Box Office. 

RATING   :   7/10