Drishyam smashing records in Home Video (DVD VCD BluRay) Sales

In its 150 days (142 till May 9th, day of Home Video release) theatrical run, Drishyam broke almost every record possible in Malayalam Film Industry & Worldwide Box Office for Malayalam films. The film in fact proved to be a lifeline for m any B, C class theaters who were on the verge of being demolished or turned into auditoriums. The film single handedly revived theaters all across the state, brought audience back to the theaters who we believed were lost and opened new markets outside Kerala.
Now the film is doing the exact same for the Home Video industry since its release last Friday. Thanks to Piracy, Channels, the industry was/is also on the verge of extinction, that's when Drishyam happened. The movie has been in Pre-orde for quite a long time, thanks to the ex excellent theatrical run and within few days of being available for pre-order it was breaking records . Drishyam is the most pre-ordered movie in the history, leading the previous best by a humongous margin (largely thanks to the extended period). The experiences shared by shop owners were also incredible with most shops going sold out by Friday evening, even though they were supplied with more units than usual.
Sending all the pre-order copies were another Himalayan task according to owner of MyIndiaShopping.com
Drishyam smashing records in Home Video (DVD VCD BluRay) Sales too - Exclusive Update
Blu-Ray sales even surprised 'Central Home Entertainment' who owns the home video license, as they don't have any more copies with them to meet the demands. Remember Bluray format is still in its Infant stages in Kerala especially for Malayalam films, with the best seller selling small numbers only. But Drishyam in 2 days has sold more than 500 copies, many even wanting this to be their inaugural film for their new Bluray system.
Drishyam DVDs are more in demand and like the explosion of Bluray sales, the VCD sales have come down in proportion (still more than any recent releases). Within just 2-3 days its the biggest seller ever in the history of Malayalam cinema beating films like Pazhassi Raja, Urumi etc. All these fete, with Piracy ruling the roost, as the pirated copies of even BluRay was available within hours of its release