How Old Are You Malayalam Movie Review | How Old Are You Review | How Old Are You Box Office Collection

How Old Are You is a Family-Drama movie directed by Roshan Andrews, The movie will features Manju Warrier, Kunchako Boban and Kaniha in the lead role.
Nirupama Rajeevan (Manju Warrier) leads a normal life of a UDC in Collectorate when an incident through her daughter changes her life.
How Old Are You is the best woman centric movie in recent times mainly because the genuine way of conveying the independence and ability of a woman which is shackled in this male dominated society. As usual there are some outstanding moments which you can take back homes especially the last scene where Nirupama answers to a question. The dialogues as usual are too good and maintained the high standards as expected.
How Old Are You Malayalam Movie Review | How Old Are You Review | How Old Are You Box Office Collection


Script - Bobby-Sanjay. The biggest challenge they have encountered will be the number of woman centric movies which created impact in recent times like Queen, English Vinglish etc. Plus they have the hype of  Manju Warrier's comeback project.

Direction - Rosshan Andrews. He have a huge fan followers and the reason is because of the high standards he maintained despite of being versatile. Even his mediocre Casanovva looks better than many successful ventures of other directors. A huge applause for bringing a socially relevant theme and conveying it in this woman centric movie which captures the emotions of any normal cine goer. As expected, the frames were rich and exquisite and the pacing (this time) was perfect.

Cast & Performance - Manju Warrier may look a bit out of place in one or two scenes (the walking scene with K Boban) but otherwise, it was her brilliance and onscreen charisma that made Rosshan & Bobby-Sanjay confident to go ahead with this movie. They would have struggled a bit if not Manju or an actress anywhere close to her caliber. Kunchako Boban has delivered superb performance as the husband, Rajeev.
 Despite of being a Manju Warrier film, the performance from the supporting cast was outstanding especially Kalaranjini, Muthumani, Vinay Fort, Devan, Tasneem Khan, Idavela Babu, Lalu Aalex, Sudheer Karamana etc etc. Sethulakshmi in one scene matches Manju Warrier as far as performance is concerned. One place you wasn't at all impressed was Kaniha's performance and the dialogue delivery of the child actress who played Lakshmi (Nirupama's daughter). Suraaj played a delightful cameo as the vegetable wholesale dealer. Siddharth Basu was aptly casted in the role given to him.

Songs & Background Score - "Vijanathayil Pathi Vazhi Thedunnu..." is the only song played during the movie which depicts the new developments in the life of Nirupama. "Vayassu..." song was placed during the end credits which shown the shooting sequences. The background score by Gopi Sundar was topnotch and will sure earn a place in one of his best works.

Technical Expertise - R Diwakar has once again given whats expected in a Rosshan Andrrews film in the role of a cinematographer. But the makeup on the eye lids of Nirupama was clearly seen which I believe as an error of the makeup department more than the cameraman. Mahesh Narayanan's editing was almost perfect while the art direction team led by Cyril Kuruvila has done a terrific work along with the costume department.

Bottomline - It’s a Rosshan Andrrews - Bobby-Sanjay movie which maintained the huge expectations over the much publicized comeback of Manju Warrier. A movie which makes any woman proud and some men realize the power of the opposite gender. Watch It!!

Ratings : 8.5/10

Gossip:  We saw slightly before that the real life husband (Dileep) has done concealed attacks against her in his last release(Ring Master).
Somewhere viewers may felt like that Manju Warrier has given her answer through this film in a more gracious manner.

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Box office Response
Opening of the movie was great. But due to Mr. Fraud, Manju Warrier gets struggle to fill the theater.