Mr Fraud Malayalam Movie Review | Mr Fraud Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report | Mohanlal's Mr Fraud Review

After the amazing evergreen hit Drishyam and also after the superhit movie Grandmaster, The complete actor Mohanlal & B.Unnikrishnan joins together for Mr Fraud. Mr. Fraud is an Action-Thriller flick written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan. The movie will features Mohanlal, Siddique, Dev Gill, Pallavi, Mia and Manjari in the lead roles.
Story Line
Mr Fraud is set around a famous palace which is well known for its tradition and royalty. Once, a prominent person from Delhi reach palace to solve an  issue. Consequently, instead of a solution, the issue becomes more and more complicated. We can see Complete Actor Mohanlal in Various Avathar's in Mr Fraud, as well as the character played by Mohanlal has different names at different places.
Mr Fraud Malayalam Movie Review | Mr Fraud Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report | Mohanlal's Mr Fraud Review
Complete Review
Mr. Fraud is a mysterious and suspense packed heist plot .We have seen many conman movies and this is yet another conman movie, the only difference being the Kovilakam backdrop taken to narrate the plot. The movie has released to a great opening. Mohanlal as u know has done a great job with his makeover in this film.
The saving grace here is the screen presence of Mohanlal in an otherwise pretty ordinary and average flick.The plot revolves around an ancient Kovilakam where the ownership of wealth or the treasure of the Kovilakam is in dispute and a group is trying to rob the huge wealth stored in the cellar of the Kovilakam.The first half was entertaining and kept up the suspense hidden with mystery surrounding the various characters especially the one Mohanlal was enacting but the second half kindof fell short of the 1st half. The film like many other conman movies has provided a thrill factor that makes our eyes glued to the screes.
For the fans, its a masala fare with Lalettan offering enough and some of his dialogues with reference to his previous hit films went well the audience. On the direction side, B Unnikrishnan has adopted a normal way but going too much hi tech to tell the story reflected in the script that became a complex one to digest as it progressed.
Mohanlal without a name and with many faces with his screen presence was a treat to watch.The various make overs were good except two; the rock star one and the appearance right at the fag end.
Among the supporting casts, it was Siddhique who impressed the most along with Miya and Saikumar. Vijay Babu as Mohanlal’s accomplice was just a watcher here with nothing to do.Sreeraman, Dev Gill, Devan, Sathar and Ashvin Mathew also formed part of the acting team along with Gopi Sundar and Balabaskar appearing in a cameo.
Music was ok a. Background score was not bad but at times it was too heavy while cinematography was on the positive side.Overall, the film is an average one.
After Drishyam, the expectations from the audience is too big. But the film fails to full fill that. So Don’t go with much expectations.
The various make overs were good except two; the rock star one and the appearance right at the fag end.
The awesome makeover of mohanlal and the screen presence of Mohanlal
The mysterious and suspense packed heist story of the film.
B. Unnikrishnan’s direction and the cinematography, especially the rock star song scenes.
Bottom Line
 The film has a good 1st half with lot of suspense and thrilling stunts. Mohanlal has done his various makeovers with perfection. Surely Mr. Fraud is a complete entertainer. The movie surely came packaged with elements that will make the fans go wild and crazy. Mr.Fraud will prove to be a complete celebration for Mohanlal fans.
Rating : 7.5 / 10
Box office Response
Opening of the movie in 150+ theatres including 100+ in kerala itself was great. All the releasing centers was with housefull board today. Benefit of holiday is a positive pack for Mr. Fraud
Box Office Collection

Satelite Rights Sold out  -  6.5 crores (Asianet)
1st Day Theater Collection -  1.37 crores *


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