Nayanthara's Maya Movie Review, Rating, Box Office Report

A very good Horror movie from tamil film industry. A multilayered approach is storytelling is adopted which has worked out in a positive way without much confusion. There is some element of predictability towards the final stages but that is acceptable and tolerable in an otherwise superior movie.
The film alternates between two stories. One’s about Vasanth (Aari), an artist, who learns about a forest called Mayavanam, and how it was once home to a mental asylum, in which patients , one among them, Maya Mathews, were used as guinea pigs for horrific scientific experiment; and the other’s about Apsara (Nayanthara), an orphan mother of a one-year-old baby, and an actress struggling to make ends meet. As is the case with such films, both stories eventually converge at a point.
Nayanthara's Maya Movie Review, Rating, Box Office Report
Right at the very beginning, there’s a scene that’s constructed very differently from what we are usually used to seeing. Apsara, through her friend (Lakshmi Priyaa), gets an opportunity to show her acting mettle to the director of a horror film. The director tells her that the situation is about a pregnant woman poisoning her husband after learning about his infidelity. While another movie would probably have had Apsara crying her heart out or making a spiteful speech upon the body of her husband, she underplays it; and not unconvincingly as Siddharth does in Kaaviya Thalaivan in a similar scene.
The emotional elements brought towards the end did not go against the movie and it was a touching final stages though we could predict the outcome once three fourth of the film is completed. That itself is a big thing. To retain the thrill and suspense covered till that stage is a big achievement and all credit goes to the director Ashwin Saravanan.
Performances Analysis
The film has countable characters and each of them have come up with laudable performances. As expected, Nayantara delivers yet another powerful act. When I say powerful, it doesn't mean shouting one's lungs out or showcasing fear to a great extent. Of course, Maya comes with such gimmicks, but what will impress horror lovers the most is Nayantara's restrained acting, for her character demands it.
Technical Backbones
Maya turns out to be a technical marvel. Ron Ethan Yohaan's background score not only spooks you but also makes sure you are barely seated, right from the word go. Sathyan Sooryan's cinematography is fresh as the cameraman has avoided the usual angles used in a horror flick and yet manages to impress by evoking fear. TS Suresh's editing has played an important role in Maya. His sharp as well as smart cuts might make your heart skip a beat at places
As hollywood movies like insidious and conjuring serieses MAYA also will scare you. It has that element of thrill and fear to make it as a perfect horror movie.

Viewers are the real backbones of movies, so watch it only at theater, Kill Piracy.