Ennu Ninte Moideen Review, Rating, Box Office Report

Again some one from malayalam film industry made film based on a real life story. This kind of strategy is not much familiar in this south indian story making industry, malluwood. Any way a great appreciation to Director R.S Vimal, to made this happen. As the name says its a romantic genre movie, but not a kind of  regular love stories.
‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’, is the story of a woman who was placed under house arrest for nearly 25 years. Moideen and Kanchanamala are the real life couple, whose painful love story made a good film. Prithviraj’s and Parvathy perfectly matched on their respective roles of Moideen and Kanchanamala.
Ennu Ninte Moideen Review, Rating, Box Office Report
Story Line
Moideen was from a renowned Muslim family in Mukkom while Kanchanamala was the daughter of a Hindu landlord. When people got to know about their love, Kanchanamala was placed under house arrest by her family. But no oppositions could change Moideen and Kanchana's love and what happened to them, that is the whole film says.
Their love story is filled with romance, tragedy and death. As the story of the movie is a real one, Vimal try to capture everything in a realistic way.
The story takes place in the 60s in Kerala and Vimal worked for three years on the screenplay, apparently he spent seven years on research and working on this film. In fact, he even went and stayed in a rented house in Mukkom for his research.
Performance Analysis
As Moideen Prithviraj steals the whole movie, and we can say it as the, one of his best performances till date. He perfectly done the emotional and romantic sequences and his magnificent voice and expressive eyes made it more awesome to watch.
Parvathy, who plays Kanchanamala, once again proves that she is one of the finest talents of malayalam cinema. After RJ Sara from ‘Bangalore Days’, surely this character will gave her more appreciations. She done a mind blowing job and it is her career-best role and performance.
Saikumar, Lena, and Tovino Thomas are the other actors who deserve a special mention. The rest of the star cast, Sudheer Karamana, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Sudheesh, indrans etc are perfect in their roles.
Technical Backbones
Seven years effort of a fabulous debutant writer cum director, RS Vimal. He is the real backbone of this movie. His well scripted Screenplay has succeeded in bringing the 60's real-life romance to the silver screen without losing the real emotions. It is wonderful to watch the classic form of romance, that we seened before in early 60’s and 80’s movies.
Again Jomon T John proves his efficiency to capturing beautiful scenes. As a cinematographer, he has succeeded in creating the most beautiful ambience for the period love story. Each and every frame looks classy and awesome.
Other perfect facts are Mahesh Narayanan’s edits, Gokul Das’s art works, that made the beautiful ambience of early 60’s. Costume designer Kumar Edappal also perfectly supported to recreate real 60’s near to you.
The songs are composed by M Jayachandran and Ramesh Narayan. They are magically blended romance and pain flavors in the songs. Gopi Sundar’s BGM makes Ennu Ninte Moideen more fascinating.
One of the best classic love story that gives you an emotional peak while watching it.

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