Kangana Ranaut CLAIMS Hrithik Roshan was the HACKER and IMPOSTER ...!!

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan‘s legal battle has been going on since a while now, however it seems that the case has gotten uglier in the last month. The leaked emails and photos have caused damage to both the actors’ reputation, but neither of them refused to back out. Hrithik Roshan had filed a complaint against an imposter for impersonating him and writing emails to Kangana. But that’s not it as Hrithik filed a subsequent case of harassment against Kangana for sending various emails to him.
Kangana Ranaut CLAIMS Hrithik Roshan was the HACKER and IMPOSTER ...!!

The actress and her legal team suggested that her account was hacked and she was not messaging Hrithik. Later on as the emails were made available to the public, many concluded that Hrithik never emailed or replied to Kangana and it was the actress who messaged the actor.
However, the police were waiting for Kangana to record her statement, which she finally did on April 30.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, while she recorded her statement, Kangana Ranaut has refused to believe what the actor has said in his statement. In fact, she has told the police that Hrithik was the hacker and the imposter in this case. She has also urged the police to take some action against the actor.

Also, according to a report in Hindustan Times, Kangana Ranaut also told the police the email ID she communicated with Hrithik Roshan on was given to her by the actor himself and she was not in conversation with an imposter. Sources close to the actress also said that she further told the police it was Roshan who hacked her account and was in a relationship with her.