KRK can troll Modi, Arnab Goswami, Shah Rukh Khan. But now with Mohanlal, will be his biggest regret

KRK alias Kamaal R Khan, a self certified superstar from alien world. His tweets are proof enough to understand his culture and standard. KRK's immense confidence in himself stems from the realisation that others, celebrities or commoners, cannot stoop as low as he is capable of. The self-proclaimed cinema critic, who reiterates he is the "best" in the business, not only insulted cinema by making one but also tortured Indians with his terrible acting skills and scanty directorial vision.
He made fun of SRK, Modiji, Arnab Goswami and a lot more celebrities, 3.7 million followers KRK has on Twitter doesn’t impacted his smooth journey in social media. But now his time is very bad, as he tried to mess with well know south indian actor Mohanlal, and now he is getting know that there is human race in south called Malayalis.

Well there is not only reply to KRK by trolls and abuses on his twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. As latest news from social buzz, the Mallu Cyber Soldiers has been hacked KRK’s social income Google Adsense account, and warn him to say apology publicly other wise they will going to hack his social media accounts. But since KRK doesn’t even reply anything positive, even he replied to Hack his account.

KRK made the biggest mistake of his life yesterday when he thought he could get away after mocking Kerala’s most-celebrated actor, the three-time National Award winner, Mohanlal. KRK overestimated his hippopotamus-like skin and underestimated the fan-base Mohanlal enjoys.
While on other side Malayalies on their proud moments Mohanlal made history — by being the first Malayalam actor who had a 100-crore-club movie, became the first Indian actor to deliver three blockbuster movies in two months, and is making national headlines for being the main lead in the first Rs 1,000-crore movie of India, all set to immortalise the mythological character of Bheema on silver screen.
Mohanlal fans have gone to the extent of hacking websites of Pakistan’s People’s Party, Pakistan Electric Power Company, and National University of Modern Languages, Lahore campus (NUML) and put up their idol’s photos there after news spread that Mohanlal’s website — The Complete Actor — was hacked by Pakistanis.
A warning posted on the NUML website then, by a group that called itself “Mallu soldiers”, read: “Feel the power of Indian mad hunter, don’t dare to mess with us, otherwise Kashmir toh hoga lakin Pakistan nahi hoga”.
For such ardent fans, tackling a KRK is child’s play.
KRK’s social media timelines have been filled with abuses in Malayalam with Mohanlal fans, and as much I understand them, this is not going to end any time soon unless KRK apologises.
For the first time, KRK will regret letting his tongue loose. Since the time media houses have picked up the news of KRK being showered with abuses, Malayalis have gotten a new high and they have doubled their effort. As of now, KRK has come to the state of tagging Mohanlal on Twitter and telling him what his fans are doing is not fair.
KRK, though, is still trying to act as if he is not affected by all this. He's balancing his plea to Mohanlal to intervene and calm his fans, and, at the same time, repeatedly mocking the superstar by saying he looked like a joker in his Hindi outings with Ram Gopal Varma.
KRK doesn’t know that Malayalis are rather (in)famous for filling social media with abuses - the ones KRK would have never even imagined or known existed. KRK may have forgotten how Malayalis ridiculed themselves by drowning Maria Sharapova in abuses on her Facebook page after she asked who Sachin Tendulkar was. If they could do that to defend Sachin, they could kill for Mohanlal, who they call “ettan”, meaning “elder brother”.
And until now what we seeing on social media and national media, on bottom line we have only one thing to say, Mr.KRK get this straight and get this clear: You can mess with any one — PM Narendra Modi, Shah Rukh Khan, Aranb Goswami, Donald Trump, Rajinikanth — and you may be spared, but know that if you go even a mile near Mohanlal, you have gone too far.