Sakhavu, Nivin Pauly Amaize with the new make over : Review, Rating

Sakhavu 28th film of Nivin Pauly and first in 2017. The movie deals with the life of a communist follower. The base story line is about Comrade Krishna Kumar, he wants to make it big in politics but lacks the ideals a sakhavu should possess. He is ruthless enough to even get rid of friends who might be possible hurdles on his way up. His paths cross with that of a veteran comrade, sakhavu Krishnan and the film depicts how his life influences Krishna Kumar.

Sakhavu movie review, Nivin Pauly Amaize with the new make over : Review, Rating
The Sidhartha Siva film aims at holding a mirror towards the truth and to show what defines a comrade worth his salt.
Nivin Pauly, who appears in three distinct get ups, is the highlight of the film. As the young comrade Krishna Kumar, his performance is reminiscent of numerous wayward roles he has done so far in Mollywood. Just that his physique makes his appearance a tad different, as the ‘thadicha Che Guevara. He is awe-inspiring as sakhavu Krishnan, with some candid lines and hard-hitting moments set aside for the character. Nivin also blends well into the role of a septuagenarian sakhavu, and proves that he is one of those actors who can easily mould himself into character of any age group. Aishwarya Rajesh gives an impressive performance as comrade Janaki. One of the strengths of the film is its brilliant, apt casting and some soul-stirring music by Prashant Pillai.
The film is quite long, especially in the second half. In the first few minutes of the movie, it showcases some below average comedy that doesn’t derive the expected results. Moreover, in a State like Kerala that has seen numerous art works inspired by communist party movements, you can’t call the content of the film or even its treatment, anything novel. Aiming to make the viewers believe that a transformation comes over someone so corrupt and wretched, just through learning about the life of another man - that too within the short duration through which the story pans - is a little too ambitious.
We have seen numerous films that have attempted to present the communist ideology and its struggles that are part of the political movement in the state. Some of those films are top class, deserving repeated watch and still stays in our mind while some just tried to capitalize on the communist wave but couldn't make up any impact and faded away.

Sakhavu directed by Sidhartha Siva is not the best of the political films that have come out of Mollywood but one of the best that can stake its claim for a place in those list and belong to the former category that I mentioned. Backed by an uncompromising and strong screenplay written by the director himself and clean presentation, Sakhavu stays in our mind, making a good impression and ends up on the winning side.