Mohanlal's Odiyan Review, Box office collection

The much hyped movie ever made in malayalam, Odiyan, starrting mohanlal. The absolute example for an over branding product may get over expectation and get failed sometime. The V.A.Shrikumar Menon's  feature-film debut Odiyan has culminated with the film finally gracing theaters this morning with lots of expectations from fans.
In negative side it got faced strike announced by BJP and over degrading from the political party followers on social media.

The film set to reach theater early morning for fans shows and after wards will comeback theater after 7PM of today in kerala due to strike.

The marketing team behind this project have done a commendable job and needs to be applauded for thinking out of the box and finding new ways to increase the reach of the film.

The way in which they did their homework right from day one through various innovative branding methods to ensure Odiyan remain in the limelight as a hot topic of discussion on many platforms is a lesson for others in this field.

At the Global launch of the film a few days back held at Dubai, Mohanlal said that this film has many specialities and went on to add that with Odiyan the makers are putting one step forward in taking Malayalam films to another level.

Story and concept is fresh and Shrikumar Menon the director, Harikrishnan the writer and people associated with this film have visualized something novel for a Malayalam film but sadly though there are moments that have come out well, in totality Odiyan is strictly a one time watch and doesn't live up to its hype.

Odiyan as we all know is a myth that existed in the Malabar region in pre-electricity era. These people are believed to possess supernatural powers to change their forms to animals. Inspired from the folklore, Odiyan the film chronicle the life of Manikyan from his childhood to middle age and portray how he uses his magical powers as an Odiyan. The film starts from the present and then goes back and forth through flashbacks unwinding the past of Manikyan in a non-linear format.

In one line, odiyan have a classy story line but no fan matters due to that in some extend it won't enjoy by people on theater. We can see yesteryear mohanlal back in screen with classy performance.

Bottom Line : Odiyan a movie that got higher expectations and fan boost which in some extend not able to makeit by the makers. One time watchable wothy for money.

Rating 3/5