Nivin Pauly Mikhael Review | Box Office Collection

After two consecutive super hits with Mammootty ( The Great Father & Abhrahaminte
Santhathikal) , one of the youngest successful director Haneef Adeni now team up with Nivin
Pauly and Unni Mukundan .The genre of the new movie is same as the previous two from
Haneef Adeni. Nivin Pauly’s Mikhael is a mass thriller angle movie and that reason is more
than enough to pin up good expectations on the movie.
The story of Mikhael surrounds around a character named Mike, who is a doctor by
profession. A series of murders that happen, which is connected with Mike’s like and there by
Macro Jr (Unni Mukundan) also came into picture… of the movie flowing in a thriller
Nivin Pauly Mikhael Review | Box Office Collection

Haneef Adeni is well-known for etching out scripts which have emotional, thrilling as well as
mass elements in the right proportions. Mikhael also follows a similar format. Mikhael has a
usual story line and the writer in him tries to overcome that tweaked in some interesting
elements in the screenplay. However, the striking sequences like the ones that he had created
in his previous movies are missing here. But, he has smartly played by coming up with
smartly placed punch dialogues, which work out pretty well.

He maintains the stylish quotient of the film with his packaging style and has presented his
protagonist with the deserved mass elements. The build-up that some of the scenes give for
the characters are impressive but it does go overboard at portions. The first half of the film is
high on emotional elements and there are some moments of lethargy but he pulls the film on
the right track with the second half where the tempo raises.In fact, it is in the second half that
we get exact mass of the movie. However, he was only partially successful in maintaining the
thrill factor throughout the film.
Songs set to tune by Gopi Sunder are good. The BGM by him is simply stunning with some
of the scenes getting elevated to another level. Vishnu Panicker has set up some stylish
frames that suit the mood of the movie. Editing by Mahesh Narayanan is fine

Nivin Pauly impresses with his portrayal of the lead character. The mass portion of the
character were convincing in his hands and he makes it a point a give lot of moments to cheer
for his fans. Unni Mukundan looked astonishing as Marco Jr and has come up with a fine
performance. At the same time, his character deserved more detailing and depth. Siddique
once again proves why he is one among the best of the actors around with a stellar
performance. The film also features Manjima Mohan, Kalabhavan Shajon, JD Chakravarthy,
Ashokan, Babu Antony, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sudev Nair etc., in lead roles.

Bottom Line

Mikhael is worth to watch one time. This one would definitely appeal you, especially if you
are a lover of stylishly crafted movies with a good share of mass, emotional and thrilling
elements. But again Nivin Pauly were seen average performer on the Mass dialogues.

Box Office : As the duo Nivin Pauly and Unni Mukundan have good fan following as well as in-addition Haneef Adeni's previous two super hits also will be a positive factor for Mikhael's good theater run. Expected to be the top runner of 2019 as far released.