Bigil Movie Review, Box Office Collection : Atlee & Vijay's kickass Diwali blockbuster gift to fans

As usual, don't expect anything special for a Vijay movie, enter into cinema hall with just
the mindset of going for a Vijay movie. As SRK tweets Bigil may can consider as the
steroid injected version of Chak De India. Bigil is a sports drama with women’s football
team view point. Us usual like all sports drama ends with the victory of the team or a person.
It is the case with Bigil as well
Bigil Movie Review : Atlee & Vijay's kickass Diwali blockbuster gift to fans; Bigil Box office collection

As the women’s football team, hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, clinch victory,
the end credits roll and we see the words 'Dedicated to women.’Yet somehow, the film is
never about the women. It is always about its star, Vijay, and how he steals the show even
if it’s not his scene to shine. For a film that is touted as a tribute to women, Bigil does not
get a lot of things right.
Rayappan (Vijay) is a don, but a good one in North Madras. He chooses the life of violence
to protect the rights of his people. His son Michael Rayappan aka Bigil is a state-level
footballer. But, due to circumstances, he becomes the messiah of people in North Madras,
leaving behind his career.
Meanwhile, Michael’s friend Kathir (Kathir) is grievously injured, which forces him to
take over his position as the coach of the Tamil Nadu women’s football team. The rest of
the film follows Michael’s journey to winning the hearts of the women’s football team and
how he 'guides' them to glory.
Director Atlee always knows the art of playing to the gallery. Almost all of his films are
intelligently packaged. So well, that there are elements to satisfy people of all age groups.
Bigil belongs to the same type. You get a predictable story, but Atlee, as expected, adds
mass elements, emotional scenes and kickass stunt sequences to keep you engrossed in his
With Bigil, the major letdown is the story and its lengthy runtime (2 hours and 58 minutes).
Even with three hours to itself, the film does not delve deep into the lives of the characters,
which makes it difficult to empathise with them. Most of the things are 'told’ on screen and
they’re never shown. Perhaps, Atlee and several other directors forget that this is a visual
medium and that some things are better left unsaid.
The women’s team win a game and there is a full-blown celebration dance that goes on for
2 minutes, which adds literally nothing to the story. Similarly, you see Nayanthara as the
physiotherapist, but she is hardly seen doing her job. Her romantic portions with Vijay are not
that fun to watch on-screen.
But Atlee gets a lot of things right as well. Bigil is a delight for Vijay’s fans and Atlee’s
trademark style of glorifying his 'annan’ is visible throughout. The filmmaker adds a lot
of references to Vijay’s earlier films and his own previous ventures, which are nice to spot.
Coming to the women empowerment angle, Vijay takes the lead and he dictates what women
should do on the field. Even though the football players are shown to play the game, they
always need their coach by their side, otherwise all hell breaks loose.
In a particular scene, Vijay’s character Michael is dealing with an acid-attack victim
(Reba Monica John). Though he advises her to face her biggest fear, he doesn’t check
whether she’s ready to tackle it. But, the way Reba pulls off the scene will earn claps for
the message and her performance.
Vijay is exceptional in Bigil and so are his expressions. As young Michael Rayappan, he is
full of energy. However, as Rayappan with stammering issues, he seems to oversell his role
a tad bit. Yet, his swag, style and comic timing will bring a smile to your face.
The girls who form the players in the football team – Indhuja, Reba, Amrita, Indraja and
Varsha – get their moments, and do well, though their characters lack depth
Cinematographer GK Vishnu is the second hero of Bigil. His framing, lighting and colour
tones are so beautiful to look at. AR Rahman’s Mathare song, which comes in at a crucial
part in the film, tugs at your heartstrings.
As an action pack no need to specifically mention Atlee's work as he done it always extra
The main issue with Bigil is its predictability. You can easily guess the characters who will
end up dead and who get maimed. Like the director’s previous films, Bigil, too, lacks depth.
And it is overlong
BottomLine :
Bigil a winner is Vijay’s superb performance in a dual role as father and son; and his scenes
with female players who are fantastic. His subtle romantic track with Nayanthara is the cherry
on the cake. The film's rich production design, football choreography and AR Rahman’s
background score makes it enjoyable. Shah Rukh Khan, who is likely to do his next film
with Atlee, is reported to have said that ‘Bigil is Chakde on steroids’!
Budget : 180 Cr
Pre-Booking Collection : 200 Cr
With a lot bunch of fans shows Bigil going to mark the 100 Crore journey.
First day world wide collection expected to be 20-25 crores.
One time watchable festival treat. 3/5 for the mass entertainment