Kalidas jayaram's Happy Sardar Movie Review Rating

Happy Sardar, in a line story of a Sardar who fall in love with a Kerala Knanaya(christian) girl.
We have several inter-state love drama’s so far, if you what would be making Happy Sardar
to stand alone from the rest of them are full fledged comedy and the narration.
Kalidas Jayaram featuring lead role in this Sudeep-Geethika couple writeup and directorial
Kalidas jayaram's Happy Sardar Movie Review Rating
Kalidas has a decent screen presence as a young Mallu Sardar. New girl Merin looks cute in
her different get ups. There are a few good jokes by Sharafudheen’s character. It’s not always
that one gets to see ceremonies of communities, such as the Knanayas, on the big screen
and this film shows us quite a few such interesting aspects. The styling of the characters are
good and song settings are nicely done. The movie might resonate with those who have had
inter-state weddings. At times, there are also some playful digs at each other’s cultures that
are enjoyable.

However, the lead pair hardly have any chemistry, at least till intermission. The comedy falls
flat for most part and you hardly feel with the predicaments of any characters. Like in many
films now, on and off it depends on hit yesteryear Malayalam dialogues too, often without
any effect. The film seems to neither care much about establishing why the duo are so into
each other, nor does it really bother to captivate the audience. At times, the couple’s journey
is even stretched to the point of extreme Bollywood-sque disbelief. Certain in-your-face,
impact-less evergreen dialogues and references are tough to ignore.

The parental tiffs expected in the tale are too stretched-out and overdone in certain
sequences. The movie gathers its emotional heft mostly in the second half, even going to
the extent of showing how the cultural hatred spread by the older generation corrupts young
minds, but not with much effect. The second half of the film also often descends into a tiring
melodrama that makes one squirm in the seat, waiting for the ending. 
Rating : 3/5