Aju Varghese's Kamala Movie Review Rating : One beautiful puzzle,36 hours

Kamala, from beginning to end a complete thriller mystic movie. The story revolves
around the happenings in Safar life within 1.5 days of short span.
Safar, a shrewd and cunning middle-man in automobile and real estate deals, meets
Kamala online. Amidst the biggest deal in his career, Kamala drops in. A perfect day
till then, starts spiralling into unforeseen events from there on.
Aju Varghese's Kamala Movie Review Rating : One beautiful puzzle,36 hours
"A woman's biggest strength is that she is a woman," says Safar at a crucial juncture
of the cinema. That a woman is often underestimated and that this is her strength is
what the character implies. Written and directed by Ranjit Sankar, Kamala is the
story of the titular character of much mystique, said in point of view of her encounter
with Safar. In a way it holds up a mirror to general misogyny without creating a
hullabaloo about it. Why, it may even pass the Bechdel test!
Safar, a high-end middle man dealing in automobile and real estate, is en route his
biggest real estate deal and Kamala drops in for an impulsive rendezvous. But as the
day proceeds it becomes clear that Kamala is more than she lets on and Safar is in
for more than what he bargained for.
After Helen, Aju Varghese scores again, as Safar, he fits right in. Slowly yet steadily
Aju is rebranding himself as an actor outside his comedian.
Kamala, played by Ruhani Sharma, is the backbone of this movie. In spite of the lip
sync issues that are natural for a non-Malayalam speaking actor, she manages to
play her role quite well. But that's the thing. Why did this role need a non-Malayalam
speaker isn’t clear.
After Pretham 2 with a different genre Rajith Shankar will surely surprise you, he him
self wrote the movie and produced under the banner Dreams & Beyond. Music by
Anand Madhusoodhanan aides the mystery and suspense. 
Good cinematography by Shehanad Jalal and sharp editing by Adhil, both work in its
favour too. Even Antony Stephens Chrome’s designs help alot to make up the thriller

Rating : 3/5